Day Seventy Nine – Transformation Tuesday

Usually these sort of posts contain a picture of someone who has lost a lot of weight or gained a lot of muscle and I have done both of those but I am more excited to document something I did today which is a total transformation from my old lazy self who hated exercise. I did TWO sessions in the gym! I trained my legs this morning and then went to a Les Mills Body Pump class after work. The class was really hard after already training this morning but it was an amazing full body workout. I’m completely knackered now but I feel on top of the world! I’m completely overwhelmed by the massive changes I have made to my lifestyle and truly hope that I can inspire others to do the same.

My go-to workout when I train legs provides a great burn and it’s really simple too. It’s easy to up the intensity by adding weight or increasing reps. I tend to repeat this 3 or 4 times. Here it is:

  • Medicine Ball Squats (I’m using 7/8kg at the moment)
  • Deadlifts (Bent Knee)
  • Lunges with Dumbbells (8kg)
  • Squat and Press using a Medicine Ball

I also like to experiment with my leg positioning whilst squatting. I’m trying to lose fat around my inner thigh (a classic problem area for many women) so a Sumo Squat (wide legged stance) is great for that! As always I worked out my core as well. I’ve found that through strengthening my core, my form in other exercises has also improved. You wouldn’t build a long-standing house on weak foundations and it’s the same with your body. Strengthen the base and you’ll have a better chance at working the other muscles effectively and correctly when performing other exercises.

My intake for today was:

  • Apple
  • Nutrigrain Granola Bar
  • Trek Cacao Energy Bar
  • Graze Veggie Protein Pack
  • Salad w/ Chicken
  • Leftover Turkey Bolognese w/ Wholemeal Fusili

I definitely needed the carbs after burning lots of calories today! Now I’m off to bed to get some much needed rest and I can only pray I’ll be able to walk tomorrow. I can’t promise I’ll be up at 6am to go the gym but let’s wait and see.

L x