2 Weeks to Go!

In just 2 weeks I’ll be taking on my first charity run – the Race For Life 10km in aid of Cancer Research. I’ve already raised £260 and my training is going really well so I’m feeling pretty positive about it. I’m excited for the adrenaline of race day and looking forward to running alongside thousands of other women who believe in the same cause I do.

It’s been gorgeous weather all week and I took advantage of that last Sunday, dragging Brandon outside for a run with me. Most of my friends were out having drinks as it was a bank holiday, however I didn’t even feel like I was missing out as I could not have had a better day out in the sunshine on a scenic run. I had planned to run a full 10km but the heat and hunger got the better of me (it was pretty close to dinner time) and we ended up running around 5km. Brandon had also just trained legs the day before, so I kind of felt like I was torturing him by forcing him to run through that pain.


I’ve been keeping up with my Body Pump class as well. Even though it was really sunny outside and I would have much rather been relaxing in the evening after work, I forced myself to go on Tuesday and I was glad of it. I love the class and I always leave feeling like I’ve worked all my muscles properly. My legs in particular (it burns!) are starting to take shape so I’m pleased with the results this class is giving me. I only attend once a week but I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to get in shape. It’s the perfect strength training if you’re not as confident doing it yourself in the gym.

My day off on Thursday was spent in the garden reading my book for the majority of the morning and early afternoon. I didn’t quite appreciate how strong the sun in Scotland is and I ended up getting pretty burnt. This unexpectedly altered my training in the gym on Friday. I set off with the intention of training my legs as I would be able to rest them over the weekend, but as my shoulders were so burnt I knew it would hurt a lot to hold the bar across my back to squat. This meant I had to re-evaluate. I was geared up for a big sweaty leg session but I ended up getting on the treadmill instead. I’ve been feeling a little bit held back by the treadmill recently as I’ve been setting times or distances and finding myself struggling a lot. I realised this was a mental game I had to beat so I got on the treadmill and decided not to set anything, I would just run. I found a good rhythm and I was able just to keep going. I ended up running my first 10km in 1 hour and 5 seconds. I now have 14 days to drop this time under the hour! Even if it’s 59:59 I’ll be elated!

I hope you’ve all also had a great week in and out of the gym!

L x

Day Eleven – Positivity vs Negativity

Having decided to give up negativity for Lent – I’d say that today has been pretty successful. My attitude has completely changed towards my body, training and nutrition. I was in the gym this morning and I have definately begun to see changes in my body. My muscles are tighter and I’m generally more taut than I have ever been!

I’ve given up on the idea of being ‘skinny’ and I am loving it. I’m never going to be 6ft tall with long thin legs and the sooner I accept that, the better – and I’m okay with it now. I’ve learned a massive lesson in self-love over the last week or so. Be you and learn to embrace it!

This morning I ran 4.5k and then decided to focus on my core – using a workout programme designed by Kayla Itsines (the Australian fitness phenomenon). My abs are killing now; it hurts to laugh, cough etc but I love the burn! I then threw in a superset of medicine ball squats just for good measure (and Valentines Day is coming up!)

My intake for today was:

  • 2 Easy Peelers
  • Ski Smooth Yoghurt
  • Graze – BBQ Smokehouse Pack
  • Packet of Cooked BBQ Chicken (Lunch)
  • 3 Egg Omelette w/ Reduced Fat Cheese, Ham and Tomatoes

My sore body is off to sleep before the last early rise of the week – HOORAY!

L x