Marathon Training – Week 3

Day 1 – 30 minutes Cross-Trainer

I was really lacking motivation before this workout. I’m really not a fan of the cross-trainer as I never really feel like I get the same workout as when I run but I understood I just had to get it done. I alternated between high-resistance and speed to vary the intensity of my session – which kept my head in the game a little longer. In the end, I actually left the gym feeling grateful for the low-impact workout!

Day 2 – Rest

Day 3 – 3 miles

I ran on the treadmill in the morning before work. I watched a BBC documentary about SAS training to pass the time. I’m starting to get bored of the indoor workouts and am getting excited for the better weather to come! Training in the Summer months is always a lot more enjoyable but the hard work has to continue throughout the Winter! I finished my session with a bit of foam rolling (painful but necessary!)

Day 4 – 5 miles

The weather was so terrible so I had to run on the treadmill at the gym. Generally, if I can avoid doing anything longer than 3 miles on the treadmill I will but in this case I just couldn’t run outside! I’ve really grown to prefer being outdoors and running where I know the finish line is when I make it home rather than the mental game of when you stop on the treadmill.

Day 5 – 3 miles

Another pre-work run in the gym. As much as I prefer running outdoors, I like the atmosphere in the gym in the morning. It’s other like-minded individuals chasing similar goals and that motivates me! I finished up my workout with some core work and more foam rolling. Brandon and I then had a fun sober Friday evening at his Granny and Grandad’s for dinner, followed by a night with the space geeks at The Royal Observatory in Edinburgh! I’m finding lots of alternatives to nights out and still have a social life whilst abstaining from drinking throughout my training. 

Day 6 – Rest

I had a relatively productive rest day. I went to get my nails done in the morning and then we were over at Brandon’s Mum’s house clearing our stuff out of their garage as Stuart is getting a treadmill (so you know where I’ll be when that arrives!) I got up at 8am and didn’t sit down again until well after 5pm. We also went and got our food shop for the week (between Aldi and Sainbury’s) so we’re all set for meal prepping!

Day 7 – 10 miles

I left the house in a crop top and sunglasses and enjoyed gorgeous weather for about 5 miles and then I got soaked! I don’t mind running in the rain – in fact I quite enjoy it… It felt good and I really settled into the run. I found my rhythm and my splits were pretty even. My average pace was just 0.01 seconds faster than last weeks 9 mile run – which shows how consistent my pacing has become! 

Total: 21 miles

I’ve had another good strong week of pushing myself and have proven to myself (again!) what my body is capable of. A little self-belief and I might actually be able to run this marathon! 

Bring on week 4! 

L x

Day Seventy Eight – Winning

I kicked Monday’s ass today and I’m totally shattered for it! I ran 9km this morning in the gym – the furthest I’ve ever ran. I could have cried I was that proud of myself. For someone who runs Marathons or 10 milers it’s nothing but all I think back to is 16 year old, overweight me who could not run 10 minutes on a treadmill without giving up. I have surprised myself constantly with what my body is capable of. Progress is as much a mental game as it is physical as well and I’m finally getting there! I’ve trained hard enough to know when enough really is enough and when I can push through. I feel like I’m ready for my 10k now and can use the next 8 weeks to work on shaving down my time, determined to run it in under an hour. I’m super excited for my first race and have a feeling I may have caught the racing bug!


My positive energy from such a great run continued throughout the day and I had a really productive and busy day at work, making time fly by. I love nothing more than to work my way through a monster To Do List, ticking each thing off as it’s done. It’s so therapeautic and I get a real kick out of knowing I worked hard.

My intake for today was:

  • Nutrigrain Granola Bar
  • Apple
  • Nutrigrain Raisin Bar
  • Rice Krispies Bar (this was an unnecessary 5pm snack)
  • Salad w/ Chicken Breast
  • Turkey Bolognese w/ Wholemeal Fusili
  • 5 Small Chicken Bites (again, unnecessary)

I really need to cut out snacking so much. I don’t really snack at all on my days off work but in the office I tend to graze throughout the day. It’s something I’m working on but for now I’m also happy enough with my progress in upping my calorie intake.

I think it will be a strength training session for me tomorrow to give my knee a rest. I can’t run more than 2 days consecutively so I’m going to try alternating my days; one day running, one day strength training and see if that helps at all. Fingers crossed.

I’m off to try get some sleep as my eyes are closing on me! Goodnight All.

L x