In the health conscious world we live in we’re constantly being told to keep hydrated and to hit a goal of 8 litres of water a day! It’s plastered throughout our favourite health magazines or on the wall in the doctor’s surgery – but not without good reason!

Staying hydrated is essential in terms of general health and well-being but it’s importance is increased further when you’re living an active lifestyle. As a runner, I was aware that I was previously not taking on enough water throughout the day. I would drink coffee at my desk, only filling up my water bottle when the time to exercise came round and as a result, I was dehydrated a lot of the time! Not only did this mean I was gulping water whilst working out (never a good idea on a long run) but I was also suffering from mild headaches throughout the day.

Since I told myself I must drink more water – and forced myself to do it – I have seen a number of benefits. Yes, what you read is true!

  1. Clearer Skin – I’ve never really suffered from bad acne or spots. I tend to get the odd one here or there but nothing major. However, lots of water and peppermint tea throughout the day have completely cleared things up and I’m pretty much blemish free. I have noticed a drastic improvement in my complexion and you could say I’m now glowing! My skin feels soft, smooth and clean!
  2. Less Bloating – Drinking more to combat water retention? That sounds like a myth but it’s not! If you drink more, your body retains less water as it isn’t thinking – ‘when am I next going to get water?’ As a result, I’m also nipping to the bathroom a lot more often and flushing toxins from my body. Forget expensive teas, etc – plenty of water and a simple green tea will detox your body far more effectively.
  3. Reduced Hunger – A lot of the time when we think we may be hungry, we may actually just be thirsty or even bored. Grab a big glass of water and see if you really are still hungry afterwards.

Give it a go and see how you feel afterwards – I can promise you won’t regret it! Ditching coffee for peppermint tea and water was one of the best things I’ve done for my health so far!

L x

Day Eighty Eight – Sweet Tooth

Today was a rest day for me as I was off work and had a pretty busy day planned. It was also a good chance to let my knee and hip (it’s giving me problems now too) recover so I’m not overly disappointed about not going to the gym.

I ran lots of errands in town; returning clothes, picking up birthday presents for family, picking up my prescription from the doctors and attending an appointment at the bank. This was all before it even hit midday. I was in the zone and super productive after an early start! I wanted to get everything done before I went to my hair appointment and I did! This meant I could get there and not have to worry or stress about having to run around afterwards trying to get things done before the shops closed. I’m never able to plan much around my hair appointments as I have so much hair and I’m usually in there for around 3 or 4 hours. I got lots of blonde put through the ends of my hair as I’m trying to get it lighter for the Summer. I was really pleased with the result, as always! My hairdresser is amazing.

My intake for the day was:

  • 2 Small Slices of Seeded Toast w/ Jam
  • Leftover Turkey Bolognese w/ Wholemeal Fusilli (this was actually lunch at 5pm!)
  • Onion and Chive Bagel (Dinner)
  • Carrot Cake – Brandon’s Mum made this for a bake sale at work and I couldn’t say no!

After my big lunch, I had a little sleep and when I woke up we watched an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. There was so much drama and I now can’t wait for next week’s episode.

I’m back to work tomorrow so I’d better get myself organised.

L x