Day Ninety Eight – A Massive Cheat Day

Today we visited Mimi’s Bakehouse (a family run bakery in Edinburgh) to celebrate Brandon’s Mum’s retirement. I had never been before but it was a cake lovers paradise. I think I may now actually be a converted cake lover. I think about cupcakes on a pretty much daily basis nowadays! I didn’t hold back at brunch either – I’m nearly there, right?

My intake was:

  • Ciabatta Roll w/ Pork and Caramelised Onion Sausages
  • Mars Bar Chocolate Cake (this was out of this world!)
  • Chinese (I gave in to the cravings!)

After brunch we went into town shopping but I could hardly move from being so full so it was good to walk it off. I am coming towards the end of my challenge but I don’t feel overly guilty as I’m allowing myself a treat whilst eating healthily 90% of the time. We then had a Chinese for dinner which I did regret immediately afterwards. I wasn’t even really that hungry and I allowed my cravings to take control of my choices. I also wolfed it down at 9pm, so I’m off to bed feeling full and awful. I need to get back on it tomorrow (and stay on it this time). I’ve been far too lax and I feel like I’ve let myself down right at the end.

L x


Day Ninety Seven – Steak Night

I was working so unfortunately that meant I couldn’t fit in my workout before work. I really must start going for outdoor runs when I am restricted by the gym opening hours but there is something in my head that goes ‘nope, it’s the weekend, NO workouts!’ I definitely tend to be a lot more relaxed at the weekend, with my diet as well. I also find that because Brandon is home and off work, I like to make the most of this time with him, often eating out. However, I’m hoping to get back into a workout routine on the weekends once I am settled in my new flat and find some new local running routes.

I was really craving a Chinese takeaway but I didn’t want the steaks we had planned to go to waste and Brandon managed to talk some sense into me. I had a really nice night in and even managed to stay awake through an entire movie which I haven’t done for a long time. We watched End of Watch for the second time (I fell asleep the first) and I’d highly recommend it! It was a lovely night in chilling with some red wine to accompany.

My intake for the day was:

  • Nutrigrain Raisin Bake
  • Graze Snack Pack
  • Steak, Asparagus and Tomatoes
  • 4 Ferrero Rochers (woops)

The chocolates were a gift from a colleague in work and they are really hard to say no to! I can’t believe how much of a sweet tooth I have developed.

Anyways, we’re up early to go for brunch tomorrow. Enjoy your Saturday nights!

L x

Day Eighty Six – Last Minute Changes

I could not run this morning (my knee and hip are niggling me) so I switched my cardio up, working out on the cross trainer instead! I underestimated this – it’s not as easy as it looks and I was only using effort level 5! It’s something I’m going to look at incorporating more regularly to give my knees a break from pounding on the treadmill. I then worked out my core afterwards – the 6 pack mission is progressing nicely so I’m very pleased. Now it’s time to lean out and get my abs coming through with some good definition.

My intake for the day was:

  • Nutrigrain Raisin Bar
  • Graze Herby Bread Basket
  • Spiced Sunflower Seeds
  • Apple
  • Chicken w/ Couscous
  • Baked Potato w/ Low Fat Cheddar Cheese
  • 2 Small Slices Seeded Toast w/ Jam

I had intended on going to my Body Pump class after work, but something unexpected came up. We found a flat, that we’d previously missed whilst trolling through the pages online, and it was perfect for us. It was the exact location we had been looking for; even in the street we wanted to live in! But there was one downside.. The closing date was tomorrow which didn’t leave us much time to go see it. Brandon was calling and emailing all day and eventually managed to get us a viewing in the evening. It all turned out to be worth it. We loved the flat and I was definitely less mad about missing my class for this. It really is the one for us. I can picture my life there! Now it’s just a case of crunching numbers to put in an offer for the close.

It’s so stressful knowing that once you submit an offer it’s entirely out of your hands. I’m not going to be able to sleep so I’m off to watch Made In Chelsea to unwind.

L x

Day Eighty Five – Monday Motivation

I have a pretty busy week ahead of me and what better way to get geared up for that than to start the week off on a high.

By mid-afternoon I already felt like I’d accomplished so much. I’d ticked off nearly every task on the To-Do list in my head. I rank 8km on the treadmill, completed some errands before work, emailed the solicitor about the flat we saw yesterday and managed to book a doctor’s appointment. I then had a really productive day in work, fueled by my positive energy. I am now learning the importance of a positive attitude, and how far that gets you on a daily basis.

My intake for the day was:

  • Nutrigrain Raisin Bake
  • Apple
  • Holland and Barrett Spicy Sunflower Seeds
  • Salmon w/ Boiled Potatoes (it was really nice to have a hot meal for lunch)

I’m always super motivated at the start of the week, despite the fact that I got no sleep and was super tired this morning. I’ve realised how much happier I am with my lifestyle and routine now, compared to my party girl days. Give me gym leggings and a fresh face over getting dolled up for a night out any day! I’ve finally found my happy place and that’s in the fitness world!


Another bonus; I got home and my Graze box had arrived, so I’ll be snacking healthily all week.

L x

Day Thirty Nine – The Scale

I felt great this morning and was quite glad that my healthy choice whilst eating out last night meant there was no effect on my weight when I woke up this morning. I had previously gained around 3 or 4 lbs in the beginning of this journey as I was increasing my calorie intake, but I have recently lost a couple of pounds and am down to 9st 2lbs. It’s easy to get caught up in the numbers; I’m guilty of that 100% but I definitely recommend that you don’t live by the scale. I’m no longer paying too much attention to my weight and instead am judging my progress on how my body looks/how my clothes fit. After all, muscle weighs more than fat and all that aside, I am happy with my body and the progress I’m making which is all that matters to me right now.

My positivity made for a hard, productive session this morning. I did interval sprints on the treadmill again for 20 minutes – reaching a maximum speed of 14 km/ph. That’s a good speed for my little short legs! I was drowning in sweat by the end of that and then moved on to my arms, performing a quick 15 minute circuit consisting of; bicep curls, shoulder press, skullcrushers, push ups, arm raises and lateral pull downs. I also did some sit-ups and crunches just before leaving to keep my abs in check.

My intake for the day was:

  • Banana Soreen Lunchbox Loaf
  • Nutrigrain Granola Bar
  • Graze Veggie Protein Pack (I swear by Graze now!)
  • Chicken w/ Couscous
  • Chicken w/ Fajita Seasoning and Thai Chilli Rice

I was glad of some carbs at dinner time this evening! I was feeling so tired and hungry after work and craving something that would really fill me up. As I work out harder and push myself in the gym I’m truly noticing the importance of fueling my body properly. I need a lot of food to remain satiated throughout the day. I did want a second portion of dinner tonight; but I’m just in one of those moods where all I’m thinking about is food.

I’m off to go dream about burgers and pizza..

L x

Day Eleven – Positivity vs Negativity

Having decided to give up negativity for Lent – I’d say that today has been pretty successful. My attitude has completely changed towards my body, training and nutrition. I was in the gym this morning and I have definately begun to see changes in my body. My muscles are tighter and I’m generally more taut than I have ever been!

I’ve given up on the idea of being ‘skinny’ and I am loving it. I’m never going to be 6ft tall with long thin legs and the sooner I accept that, the better – and I’m okay with it now. I’ve learned a massive lesson in self-love over the last week or so. Be you and learn to embrace it!

This morning I ran 4.5k and then decided to focus on my core – using a workout programme designed by Kayla Itsines (the Australian fitness phenomenon). My abs are killing now; it hurts to laugh, cough etc but I love the burn! I then threw in a superset of medicine ball squats just for good measure (and Valentines Day is coming up!)

My intake for today was:

  • 2 Easy Peelers
  • Ski Smooth Yoghurt
  • Graze – BBQ Smokehouse Pack
  • Packet of Cooked BBQ Chicken (Lunch)
  • 3 Egg Omelette w/ Reduced Fat Cheese, Ham and Tomatoes

My sore body is off to sleep before the last early rise of the week – HOORAY!

L x