Marathon Training – Week 1

So as most of you will be aware, I decided to take on a big challenge in 2017 and entered my first marathon! It is now 16 weeks away and I’m in my first week of structured training. Until now, I have been running regularly but intuitively. I am both nervous and excited for this venture and can’t wait to share it all with you! Does anyone else have a big race coming up this year or something you’re working towards?!

Day 1 – 1hr Body Pump

I was actually feeling really negative about my training and my body (everyone has those days, right?!) and I totally lacked the motivation to work out. However, if I’ve learned anything in this process, I know that the best way to shake the negative attitude is to go work out! Guess what? It worked and I felt 10000 times better after my class. I couldn’t cop out on day 1, especially as I slipped up and bought a bar of chocolate… Cravings took over, but hey, I knew it wouldn’t kill me.

Day 2 – 3 miles

I decided to run the 3 miles intended for day 3 and swap my rest day as I had plans for Wednesday evening and it worked better for my week. The weather was absolutely shocking (lots of rain and wind) so I took to the treadmill on the way home from work. I can’t afford to catch a cold in this training cycle! I haven’t run treadmill miles in forever – so it felt a little bit weird but I got it done nonetheless (and was glad that it was only 3 miles!)

Day 3 – Rest

I took my rest day and it was entirely welcomed! My legs were aching from Body Pump on Monday and I really needed a night to just chill after getting my nails done. Sometimes it just takes something small to make you feel a little better.

Day 4 – 4 miles

4 miles before breakfast! God I missed my morning workouts. It sets me up for the day and I generally feel a lot better and more productive at work. I’m going to try and get back into doing these, even though it means I do have to get up pre-6am to fit it in before work.

Day 5 – 3 miles + 45 minute spin class

I was going out for dinner with my friend after work and going to a spin class at 7am before working, meaning I’d have to have come home and run before going for dinner. I knew I wouldn’t feel like doing that so I got up half an hour earlier in the morning and got it all done before work. I felt great all day – but it did affect my hunger!! I’ll need to take more food to work next time I decide to do a longer session in the morning.

Day 6 – Rest 

Ah… what a lovely Saturday morning spent chilling out, eating good food and watching Peaky Blinders. Just because it’s the weekend and a rest day doesn’t mean I have to fall off track. I still made good choices in terms of nutrition and a sober night bowling with friends was the perfect way to socialise without throwing all my hard work out the window!

Day 7 – 5 miles

I finished the week off with a mid-afternoon run. It was really cold and trying to snow outside but it felt good nonetheless. I ran in a pretty good time and had a delicious treat afterwards – my 3 ingredient banana pancakes! A great end to a great week!

Total: 15 miles

I spend my Sunday evening preparing and planning my meals and workouts for next week. I am ready for week 2 of my training and actually looking forward to Monday! Hope you all have a good week!

L x

Day Ninety Eight – A Massive Cheat Day

Today we visited Mimi’s Bakehouse (a family run bakery in Edinburgh) to celebrate Brandon’s Mum’s retirement. I had never been before but it was a cake lovers paradise. I think I may now actually be a converted cake lover. I think about cupcakes on a pretty much daily basis nowadays! I didn’t hold back at brunch either – I’m nearly there, right?

My intake was:

  • Ciabatta Roll w/ Pork and Caramelised Onion Sausages
  • Mars Bar Chocolate Cake (this was out of this world!)
  • Chinese (I gave in to the cravings!)

After brunch we went into town shopping but I could hardly move from being so full so it was good to walk it off. I am coming towards the end of my challenge but I don’t feel overly guilty as I’m allowing myself a treat whilst eating healthily 90% of the time. We then had a Chinese for dinner which I did regret immediately afterwards. I wasn’t even really that hungry and I allowed my cravings to take control of my choices. I also wolfed it down at 9pm, so I’m off to bed feeling full and awful. I need to get back on it tomorrow (and stay on it this time). I’ve been far too lax and I feel like I’ve let myself down right at the end.

L x


Day Seventeen – Satisfying Cravings

I’m not sure what’s going on with my body at the moment but the last couple of mornings, I have woken up absolutely shattered and have thought to myself – do I really need a good body? However, I do pride myself on my ability to ignore these thoughts and just get up and get on with it – and so I did, trekking to the gym in the snow.

When I got there, slightly more awake, I felt much better and decided just to go for it! I actually saw another girl I see regularly in the mornings giving it everything on the treadmill and that spurred me on. I ended up running 5.5k and hammering out the final kilometre at 10.5-11.5km/ph. I was dripping with sweat and it felt amazing! I then continued on my mission for a tight, toned bum with some medicine ball squats – still just 6kg.

Many women are afraid to go near weights for fear of adding size and appearing ‘manly’. Admittedly, I was exactly the same until I started training properly around 2 years ago and realised this was not the case. The sooner you lose that mindset; the better. I’ve always been a cardio bunny but since I’ve started weight training on a regular basis, I’ve seen my body get firmer, stronger and change shape entirely. It’s really nice when things no longer wobble. At the moment, I’m going to keep the cardio in my daily workouts as I love the fatburn but over time I may begin to limit this to once or twice a week as apposed to every day. I’ll need to do my research on strength training first!

I have had really bad cravings all day for junk food; but naturally I was never going to cave and get the takeaway. I had to think of another way to satisfy the cravings without having a cheat meal as such – I’m saving my cheat meal for Sunday! My belly was super happy after today’s intake, particularly dinner:

  • Grapes
  • Orzo Salad
  • Sweet Chilli Lentil Curls
  • Chicken Salad (Lunch)
  • Banana Pancakes w/ Bacon (and a couple with jam for something sweet!)

I have a day off tomorrow and plan to clean my flat and go see the flat we love again! I am unsure if I will work out or take a rest day but I’ll judge that based on how my body feels in the morning. I really could do with the long lie though! It’s been a long week and it’s only Wednesday!


L x