‘I Can’t Run’

I said these exact same words to myself around a year ago when I struggled to run for longer than 5 minutes on a treadmill without feeling like I required a full tank of oxygen to breathe. I said it to my partner over and over again meanwhile I’d be sat on the sofa gorging on my second packet of crisps of the day. Then I was unable to run as my body didn’t have any fuel from starving myself. These were all excuses, because running was hard. In fact, it seemed damn near impossible to me at the time. I’d see people out running and wonder how they were performing this miraculous act. Oh, how messed up this thinking was. In reality, I couldn’t run because I wasn’t in a good frame of mind to try, not because MY body was incapable.

My first piece of advice to anyone looking to get into running is don’t tell yourself that you can’t do anything. As I’ve discovered – the human body is capable of a lot more than we may even realise. It adapts to whatever you put it through! Everyone can run. You just have to get out there and remember that the first run is always the hardest!!

Don’t do too much too soon either. Even experienced runners make this mistake. It’s no use running six times a week on week 1 and then week 2 is non-existent. Start slow and build it up until you’re consistent week to week. This is where you’ll see your body changing and progress being made.

I’m about to enter into my training cycle for the Edinburgh Marathon in May after 3 weeks of being unwell. I’ll begin on Monday 6 February and train for 16 weeks. After recovering from illness I wanted to get myself back to a base-level of fitness before this begins and my first time back pounding the pavements was tough. I ran 2.5 miles (which was all I could manage) on Monday and then 3 miles on Tuesday – in pretty slow times compared to what I was doing prior to Christmas. It was difficult for me, mentally, to listen to my body and ease myself back in slowly. Yes, I’m a bit gutted I didn’t run a bit further or a bit faster but I would have done more damage to my body going hell for leather on those 2 runs. I made that mistake just after Christmas in going back to the gym too soon and it put me out for a further 2 weeks!

And… just after getting back into running, I’m off to Amsterdam this weekend for 3 days so I’ll be taking some more time off exercising. Hopefully all the walking we do whilst sightseeing will make up for it! I’ve also done a lot of research into healthy-eating hotspots in Amsterdam so I’ll be doing a post on where to stay on track whilst in the city, when I get back! Keep your eyes peeled!

Time to get my bags packed! Have a good one.

L x


Day Eighty Seven – Celebrations

I could barely sleep last night for thinking about submitting our offer on the flat this morning. I was absolutely shattered but I got up at 6am regardless and made my way to the gym. I worked out my full body to make up for missing last nights class which works every muscle group (one of the reasons I liked it so much). Exercise helps me a lot when I am stressed or have things on my mind, as for that period of time when you’re in the gym it’s just about focusing on what you’re doing there and then. I would never describe the gym as serene but I always feel relaxed and at peace whilst I’m there. It’s just part of my daily routine now and I’m entirely comfortable with it.

The flat went to closing at 12pm and by 2pm I’d still heard nothing. I couldn’t concentrate in work. I felt sick and was the most nervous I’ve been throughout this process so far. I knew we had put in a great, competitive offer but I also knew this was right for us. This was the flat that was meant to pop up (cliche but true). Then Brandon texted me to say we’d got it… Our offer was accepted! I was absolutely elated and shocked at the same time. I almost couldn’t believe it; I now own a home. It’s a beautiful two bedroom flat in the centre of Edinburgh. I actually could not be happier. It feels like everything in my life is finally coming together and this is just the start of a new chapter; and hopefully great things to come!

My intake for the day was:

  • Nutrigrain Granola Bar
  • Apple
  • Black Grapes
  • Salad w/ Chicken
  • Turkey Bolognese w/ Wholemeal Fusilli
  • 1/2 Bottle of Red Wine (Celebrations were in order!)

After work, I went to get my nails done. I was delighted as they were really needing done and it always makes me feel great afterwards. But at the same time, I just wanted to get home and dance around the hall singing “we got a flat”. Immature? Yes, but I don’t care. I’m far too excited about it all.

Time for some more celebrations!

L x