Race Recap: Kilomathon 2018

On Sunday, I ran the Kilomathon (13.1km) in Edinburgh. It was the perfect day weather-wise for running but as I don’t yet trust the milder temperatures, I was boiling up and trying to rip myself out of my long sleeved top throughout the race. Note to self: Pin bib number to my vest in future, NOT the outer layer. I think it may almost be time to ditch the running tights for shorts or capris. In the meantime, if anyone has any tips for stripping whilst trying to maintain pace fire them my way!

The Route

The race in run along Edinburgh’s cycle paths and there is a big focus on running past the Royal Yacht Britannia. After the race, I was like, did we even run past it? I was concentrating so hard on racing that I completely missed it. The cycle paths were also a nightmare for the volume of runners. It was far too narrow and I felt stuck behind people a lot of the time. However, it does live up to its ‘flat route’ status!

Water Stations

There was one water station at the 6km mark. Was I hell stopping!! I skipped this as I’d carried Lucozade Sport in my bottle anyway.

Competitive Edge

0. Nil. Nada. I felt like I was the only runner out there who actually cared at all about my time. I think this is more a run ‘for the taking part’ as opposed to smashing PBs.


There was a nice buzz about the race and you could feel the excitement and nervousness of other runners!

Goodie Bag

We got a buff rather than a t-shirt… boo! I’m still on the quest to get a finisher’s t-shirt in the correct size and I was hoping this race would be the one! It also included a cereal bar, electrolyte tablets, a small handheld bottle and a foil blanket, as well as a bottle of water.


It’s a good chunky medal but apparently the same as last years. It also has the 26.2km race listed on the back, which wasn’t even run this year. Recycled medals without the year of the race printed on it? Not cool in my book.

First Aid/Safety

The route was well marshalled with officials at nearly every kilometre marker. If anything was to go wrong, I think you’d be in good hands pretty quickly.

How did my race go?

I woke up with a lot of nervous energy. I always feel sick before races and constantly badger myself with thoughts like, ‘why did you sign up to do this? you could be off out on a nice stress free long run right now’. And then after I’ve been for my last nervous pre-race wee, I usually calm down. I necked a black coffee and munched down a bagel with Nutoka (Aldi’s cheapo Nutella) an hour before the race and I was good to go.

Brandon dropped me off and I headed into the shopping centre (where the toilets and registration desk were located). He told me afterwards that he felt really sad dropping me off cause I looked like a lost puppy. He was like, ‘you were with “your people” but you didn’t know anyone’. I need to make some real life runner friends!

I dropped my bag (my first ever bag drop – anxiety level 100) and then joined the really long queue for the toilets. I timed it perfectly and was heading to the start line with 10 minutes to spare. The start line was located about 200m from the centre and then I had to walk around 100m further back through huge crowds to get to my starting pen. The joys of thinking you’re running a half marathon and putting down an inaccurate predicted finishing time! The marshal holding the rope for my pen told me to ‘cheer up’. I must have looked miserable as I was trying to figure out the best way to get through the masses of runners.

The gun went just a couple of minutes after the official starting time and off we went. I went through the start line around 2 or 3 minutes after the gun. As I said above, I felt like I was stuck behind people for quite a lot of the race, however, the further forward I got the crowds dispersed and I was able to run more freely.

I wasn’t too focused on my watch but having it there to check that I wasn’t bombing it out too early on was good. I settled into a 8:00-8.07 min/mile pace for the first few miles. I was holding this well until around the 8km marker. I then started trying to figure out in miles (to go with my watch) and kilometres (the course measurement) how far I had to go and I was getting the two mixed up and miscalculating. Damn, I need to control my head when I’m running! The wheels came off around mile 6 and it started to feel really hard. I was overheating in my layers and I felt like I was running 10 minute miles through treacle. Although, again this was all in my head. Thank god for my Garmin confirming that I hadn’t actually chucked it! I clocked my fastest miles of the course on the last 3; with a 7:50, 7:34 and 7:35 to finish!

Finishing in Murrayfield Stadium was pretty cool but I think I was a little overwhelmed and didn’t really take it all in properly. I didn’t even look at the official race clock as I passed the line but I got a text confirming my chip time just moments later. My finishing time was 1:03:44. I was over the moon. I’d ran hard from the back and picked off runners, using each individual as a small goal until I reached a point where I could sit comfortably and hold pace. (Lol, it was never comfortable, but then pushing yourself to reach your goals shouldn’t be).

After the race, I ran shuffled home for 2 miles to take my total mileage up to 10. A nice Sunday long run. I wouldn’t recommend legs as a method of transport after racing hard! Organise a lift home kids. Brandon’s usually on hand with pick-up duties but this time he was following the race on his motorbike so didn’t have the car to drive me home!

I wolfed down a huge bowl of pasta at something past 11am (way too early for lunch) but I wasn’t caring after a 6.30am start! All in all, a good day and a good race.

Thanks for reading and I might see some of you in the near future at other races!

L x

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