Healthy and Wealthy

Since I am no longer documenting my half marathon training because I’m not running a half marathon until May and have now suitably re-jigged my training plan, I’ve had to find other things to write about. After becoming obsessed with the American tv show, Extreme Couponing, this is a topic I feel very passionately about!

I’ve not always been great at cooking and in my pre-running years before I began looking after my body, I turned to convenience foods. Ready meals that go ‘ping’ after 5 minutes were a staple in my diet. However, since I began cooking from scratch and preparing wholesome, fresh food, I get much more enjoyment from cooking, eating and my bank balance is MUCH happier. It’s saved me a fortune.

Convenience usually equals costly and yet I’ve heard the excuse ‘eating healthy is too expensive’ an alarming number of times. And it’s exactly that, an excuse! You can eat well and nourish your body properly on a budget.

Here’s some of the ways you can keep food costs down whilst still enjoying a healthy balanced diet;

  • Plan your shop before you go. Shopping on impulse or when you’re hungry means unplanned items will go in the trolley. Never wait til you get to the shop to just ‘see what you fancy’.
  • Buy frozen fruit and vegetables. This limits waste and reduces the number of times you’ll do a ‘top-up’ shop during the week as you don’t have to worry about fresh produce going off. You won’t have to pop into the local shop for some broccoli and leave having spent an extra £15 midweek!
  • Time your shop. Get to know what times of day your local supermarket reduces items and bag yourself some yellow sticker bargains. It’s also mostly perishable goods that get discounted which means you can usually whip up something healthy with them or freeze for another day!
  • Prepare your meals in bulk and freeze any additional portions rather than throwing them out. Alternatively, have your leftovers for lunch the next day!
  • Try eating vegetarian, even if it’s just once a week. Meat is usually the most expensive component of a meal and cutting this out will cut the overall cost.
  • Prepare everything from scratch. Stop buying expensive jars or packets of sauces, etc and make them yourself! You’ll save money and be more aware of what’s going into your sauces/meals.
  • Swap branded food for supermarket’s own. Very rarely will the taste difference be worth the price tag.

These are just some of the things I do to keep the cost down on my weekly shop whilst still ensuring I’m eating a healthy diet with lots of fresh food!

Keep an eye out for more tricks as I’m currently experimenting with cutting my weekly/monthly outgoings even further!

L x

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