Half Marathon Training – Week 12


I went to pilates as always but my usual instructor was away on holiday. I’m not sure I enjoyed the class as much or felt it worked me as hard as normal! However, it felt good to get straight back into my normal routine after the weekend. It was also one of my favourite dinners on the menu; chicken curry with Mayflower curry sauce! If you haven’t tried it, you have to!


I set off after work to do my 6 mile run when I felt this awful pain down the front of my shin. I was unsure whether to stop or push myself to get the run done. After only a mile I knew I couldn’t run 6 on my leg so I turned back. My run was 2 miles in total and I was in agony! I applied pressure up and down my shin and it doesn’t feel like shin splints. I think it may just be muscular pain and my calves feel very tight. I did my usual icing routine then went for a bath using epsom salts to soothe my muscles. Fingers crossed it’s not going to affect my training the rest of the week and hopefully I can make up the 4 miles I missed on another day!


Yoga was just what I needed to stretch off my calf. I really noticed my progression tonight in some of the more challenging poses! I’m able to grab hold of my foot behind me now! It’s proving to me that practise and consistency can bring you success even if you’re not great at something to begin with.


I made up the 4 miles I missed on Tuesday before work. It was my first 6am run in a while and it was a really gorgeous morning for it! I’d forgotten what the light mornings looked like. It really invigorates me and sets me up for the day when I get my workout in before work so I’m really looking forward to Spring and this becoming a regular occurance. After work I had a sports massage and we focused a lot on my left calf which was really tight. I thought I was going to be sick during it as it was so painful but it’s certainly loosened things off! Then my friend Susan came round for dinner and we had a healthy dinner (with NO wine) as she has just started going to the gym and trying to improve her lifestyle!


I ran 4 miles on my lunch break with the guys from work and we had a great little chat about running as well as finding a pretty scenic route! It’s always good to chat to others who love running as much as I do. Finding like-minded people who share a passion always ignites my passion further! I’m also happier going into the weekend knowing that I managed to salvage this week of training and I’m fully back on track.


A much needed rest day. I attended a free course through business gateway on how to start planning your business. It was really good and I’m excited to see where it takes me! The rest of the day we spent chilling out and watching movies. I love lazy weekend days when my running volume is higher!


I got up early enough to wolf down some breakfast before my 9 mile run! I don’t always eat before I run because I like to just get up and go but the higher mileage required me to. I had some Rice Krispies and sat and watched the end of I, Tonya. I’d started it earlier in the week but it was good to kill time whilst I waited on my meal digesting. I chose a different route than normal for my long run and with the gorgeous sunny morning, it was the right choice. I ran to and then up and around Arthur’s Seat and the views were amazing! This run had me remembering why I love to run! Afterwards, Brandon and I went to a bathroom showroom to get some ideas – god knows how we’re going to choose what we want! Then, we got a nice healthy food shop done. There’s nothing better than a fridge full of fresh, delicious food on a Sunday evening.

Hope you’ve all had a great week and your training is going well with the Spring races approaching!

L x

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