Half Marathon Training – Week 11

The 4 week countdown is on and this crazy dream of running my first half marathon just got a whole lot more real. Especially with the 2 hour cut-off time. I do not want to get taken off the course by the sweepers!


I am starting to really value my pilates class at the start of my week. I feel so at ease and peaceful in the studio. As my mileage has increased, I’ve taken a step away from the gym and the strength classes that I loved so much and it’s exciting to see my body developing strength in a very different environment. Pilates focuses on the smaller muscle groups rather than the larger ones in which you train using compound movements. There’s a great energy in the class, as a bunch of like-minded women (and some men) come together and focus on their strength. I’m finding that I’m really connecting with my body, its strengths (and weaknesses) and with the positive vibe in the room! I’m loving it and could not recommend Tribe Yoga in Edinburgh enough! It’s transformed my training and approach to my mind and exercise.


I really need to unsubscribe from Domino’s Pizza emails. Every bloody Tuesday I get an email reminding about their buy one get one free offer, Two for Tuesday and my willpower is tested! It’s not that I don’t love eating healthily and nourishing my body with good food, I do and I always feel 100x better for it… but I still love pizza! Can you blame a girl? Anyway, I resisted the pizza and went out for a delightful 6 mile run instead. Whilst I found it difficult at parts, I always feel good when I break 5 miles on a ‘regular day’. I love longer runs really… ok, maybe not ’til afterwards! I then scoffed down one of my favourite meals, pasta bake! It was absolutely delicious and I love love love lots of carbs after a big run.


I ran 4 miles into work (with a very heavy backpack). It was difficult with 6 miles on my legs from the night before. They felt heavy and were not cooperating when my brain said ‘go faster’ but it’s the kind of training I need. I need to get used to running on legs that are not fresh from a rest day as I’ll be running 13.1 miles in just over 3 weeks! That’s 7.1 miles after 6 miles with no good nights sleep, refuel and icing session in between. I also saw my chiropractor this afternoon and I always feel much better after these visits. After work I went to my usual flow yoga class and then headed home, feeling like I’d had a very productive day and had really looked after my body. The very body that’s currently doing epic things!


This has to be one of my more pampered rest days. I was invited to a corporate breakfast at the Waldorf Astoria in Edinburgh by my boss. The full Scottish breakfast was utterly delicious! It made a welcome change from wolfing down cereal or a bagel before work. Then I went for a sunbed on my lunch break. Please don’t start using sunbeds if you’re reading this! I just felt like I needed a bit of a glow for my upcoming weekend away in Pitlochry. After work, I got my eyebrows done and after such a luxurious day it was amazing to head home, put my feet up and not have to think about my alarm going off the following day.


I was up at 7.30am to fit in a 7 mile run before driving to Pitlochry. I really wanted to run it in under an hour and I managed…just! My time was 58:58. A positive start to my weekend.

We had quad biking booked in the late afternoon and what an experience it turned out to be! We were wrong in thinking it would be cancelled due to the snow! When I was asked to do a figure of 8 on flat ground, I was pretty terrible at it. I had no control and kept jumping forwards! The first 5/10 minutes of our actual route I thought I was going to burst into tears and was seriously questioning why I’d signed up to put myself through that. However, I persevered and it (and I) got better and I ended up really enjoying myself. I was really proud of myself for sticking in even when I was scared!


We woke up pretty hungover after a few too many glasses of wine in the hotel the previous evening but we’d planned to go to the Highland Wildlife Park in Kincraig so we had to pull ourselves together. The huge fry up at breakfast followed by multiple mini croissants and pain au chocolat may have helped! We got to the park pretty early and had an incredible day there! First we drove round the main reserve and saw buffalo, deer, polar bears and many other animals! Then we parked up and walked round all of the enclosures individually (that’s a lot of walking!!) My favourite was the red panda who was cheeky, playful and full of energy!

We saw monkeys, tigers, polar bears and wolves being fed! We ended up spending the majority of our day there (with a lunch stop in between) as it takes a bit of time to walk around and see everything.

After we got back to the hotel and had a nap, we headed out for dinner at Victoria’s; a well established restaurant in Pitlochry. For dessert I had the most delicious apple pie and we stopped off for some sweets at the shop on the way home. Perhaps not ideal for training but a nice treat nonetheless.


Another fry up down – my third this week!! We promised ourselves we’d have cereal and toast but it’s just impossible to resist! We were meant to go for a Sunday roast at a local hotel but due to the snow we decided to hit the road early in case we faced hours of delays getting home. An emergency Gregg’s lunch was purchased as the thought of being stuck and hungry was not an option. It turns out there was no snow on the road, we made it home by lunch time and I’d consumed a baguette and fudge doughnut for no reason! Well no reason other than the fact they were both absolutely delicious…

After a weekend of rest and some over-indulgences, I’m looking forward to getting back to my usual diet and training hard!

L x

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