Half Marathon Training – Week 10


After finally recovering from my hangover at the weekend, I could feel a scratch in the back of my throat and knew that I was about to experience the cold from hell all over again (3rd time this year)! I cancelled pilates early in the morning and knew by 5pm I’d made the right decision after struggling through the day at work. It got worse and worse as the day went on and by the evening I had a full blown cold and sore throat. Why is it that when you’re ill all you want to do is curl up in a duvet, watch Netflix and eat carbs?! Or maybe that’s just me… I always remember a colleague saying to me ‘starve a fever and feed a cold’ and I certainly had to put that thought to the back of my mind to stop a carb-fest from ensuing!


I spent my day trying to remember what it’s like to breathe properly. I made it in to work despite feeling like I could do with a day in bed instead. I went to run my planned 3.5 miles at lunchtime but when I got outside and realised it was raining I decided it wouldn’t do me any good to get soaked and postponed until after work. Sitting thinking about a run you don’t want to do/have the energy to do is not good for you mentally! Brandon came with me and we ended up running just over the planned mileage. It was a struggle and I was only JUST able to keep up with him but having someone else there to push me when I wanted to stop was just what I needed and we got it done!


Another day where I just didn’t have the energy for anything. My yoga studio has a 10 hour cancellation policy which actually helped me a lot. It meant I couldn’t back out of my class later in the afternoon or I’d lose my money. I went along at 5.30pm after work and was glad of it. The studio set at 26 degrees (warm, rather than hot) was super cosy and comforting and the class focused on shoulder and hip mobility which stretched me out nicely! I left feeling a lot happier, energised and well stretched.


I managed a 5 mile run from hell! I didn’t want to dwell on (dread) this run all day so I nipped out on my lunch break to get it over and done with. To say I was plodding round my route is an understatement! It was slow but at least I’ve been managing to get my runs done despite being unwell and not sleeping properly. I can’t afford to miss another week of training so I’ve had to test my discipline this week!


Rest day. Thank God. That’s all I have to say.


7 miles, whilst you’re ill, in non-stop rain is not exactly what you’d call an ideal Saturday, right? Well, that’s half-marathon training for you. I had no choice but to grit my teeth and get on with it. Thankfully, I woke up pretty early and managed to get my run done before 9.30am so I didn’t have to think about it all day. However, I felt in a much better place mentally when I’d completed it knowing that I’ve managed to get through all my runs this week despite being ill!


It was Mother’s Day in the UK so I went through to Glasgow to visit my Mum and go for lunch with her, my brother and his girlfriend! It was a lovely day and the restaurant my brother chose was fantastic. It was called Nippon Kitchen, a casual little Japanese place in the city centre of Glasgow. The food was delicious, fresh and the portions were huge. I had a chilli chicken stir-fry served on a mountain of noodles! A runner’s dream (even if it was my rest day – woops!) Unfortunately, I was way too eager to dive in and missed all opportunities to photograph my meal! I’m such a bad blogger!

Please accept my apologies for my negativity throughout this post. It’s no fun being sick but at the same time it shows that running isn’t as glamorous as it can be made out to be. It’s not all cute leggings and post-run cake cause you effortlessly sailed through a 20 miler and ‘totally deserve it.’ The reality is that you head out and run when you don’t want to, when everyone else is asleep, when you’re tired after a long day at work, when everyone thinks you’re mad cause the weathers crazy! You just go. You run and that’s what makes the difference. I am dedicating my time and effort to this crazy sport because I have goals I want to achieve and I wouldn’t be able to achieve them with a haphazard attitude towards the ‘hard work’ part.

Fingers crossed that I’m rid of this cold and injury-free next week!

L x

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