Half Marathon Training – Week 9


I went to my usual Monday pilates and after class something amazing happened to me! A woman from the class came up to me and complimented me on how quickly I’d progressed from being a complete beginner when she’d seen me in my first class just a few weeks before. She said I was now doing really well with different movements and she has no idea how much that lifted me and gave me the confidence to keep going. I started yoga and pilates and as I’ve said before I found them really challenging as a beginner and it’s great to know my hard work and consistency in attendance at class is paying off.


I had planned to run with a guy from work on my lunch break but the Siberian storm that has hit Scotland prevented that so I went to the gym after work for 4 treadmill miles. It was my first treadmill run for a while and I was gutted that the weather was preventing me from running outside


The ‘beast from the east’ continued and most people in the UK ended up with a snow day off work BUT NOT ME!! I was in work and it felt like I was the only one. This put me in a bit of a slump and whilst I am usually excited for yoga on a Wednesday, I half considered just missing class. However, I’d already paid for it so I dragged my ass along and I was so glad I did.


There was still no chance of an outdoor workout no matter how hard I tried to convince myself it might be ok. The storm is just too crazy and it would be stupid to go out in it just to get a run in! I just managed to get to the gym and back in between blizzards on my lunch break. 4 miles in the bag.


I had originally planned to complete my final 6 miles for the week across two runs over the weekend, however, I was sitting in work and had an urge to get it all done in one run so I didn’t have to worry about trying to get out or get to the gym if the weather was unpredictable over the weekend. So, that’s what I did. My first 10km in god knows how long! It felt amazing and the runner’s high was so strong afterwards! I then went home and Brandon had cleaned the flat and set the table for a nice dinner date indoors. All I had to do was grab the wine on the way home!


A rest day. One I was very grateful of after challenging myself the night before. I woke up super early and contemplated going to a yoga class but instead decided to enjoy my Saturday morning with no commitments, nowhere to be and I made myself a gorgeous Breakfast instead. You can’t say no to eggs and bacon on a Saturday morning! We then had our friends engagement party in the evening. Due to the weather, I had to get my wellies on to get there but we had a really fun night regardless and I met some lovely new people as well! I reluctantly swapped my Garmin for a nice dress watch before we went out which I now regret after the amount of walking and dancing I did!


Due to 1 too many glasses of Prosecco (or Vodka – I’m not sure which) consumed the previous night, I woke up with an awful hangover. I was up at 9am to go and meet my friends for breakfast and a spa day. We went to Loudons in Edinburgh which we had to queue for as it is incredibly popular. I had sausages, scrambled eggs, tomatoes and toast washed down with a fresh apple and ginger juice. The breakfast was ok but I wouldn’t rush back and certainly would not queue for it again! The highlight of the day was our spa day at OneSpa in the Sheraton Hotel. The outdoor rooftop pool and thermal suite (with around 8 different saunas/steam rooms) was just what I needed to cure me. The hot rainfall shower with fancy Espa products afterwards was also a nice treat! After that, Brandon and I headed out to a pub quiz at a local pub with friends. I was flagging due to lack of sleep/the hangover from hell and after a couple of Rekorderlig ciders, I was ready for my bed. Another much needed rest day over.

L x

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