Half Marathon Training – Week 8

How am I 8 weeks into training already?! The time seems to have flown by and now it’s really not long (6/7 weeks) until I take on my first half marathon! Here’s how my second week back training after my shin splints went;


I was super tired by forced myself to go to pilates after work as I can really feel it working and always have that ‘sore in a good way’ feeling the next day, so I knew it would be worth it. No run as I’d just ran 3 days consecutively last week.


I ran 3.18 miles on my lunch break with a colleague from work and whilst it wasn’t the fastest time it was a gorgeous day and we ran a pretty scenic route. I was happy to just get out, stretch my legs and I found I had a deeper appreciation for my running than when I’m watching the clock. It was all going so well until Brandon brought home cookies and I couldn’t control myself!


I ran 3 miles on my lunch break again, solo this time! It was another gorgeous day and I even stopped to snap a picture at the river as it was so nice. After work I went to my yoga class. Whilst I’m still really unflexible, I’m making improvements and feeling better each week that I go back. It’s also great for my mind. I leave feeling light and relaxed. It’s almost like my Wednesday night class is my little retreat; a time and space where I can escape from everyday life for an hour and I love it! Apparently, yoga doesn’t stop cookie binges though…


A well deserved rest day after a good few days running and time spent on the mat! I went for a sports massage after work. I love them and feel like a new woman afterwards but I always leave feeling really dizzy and lightheaded. Does this happen to anyone else? I had thought it could be due to lying face down for an extended period of time. I also managed not to binge when I got home – success!


I ran into work this morning – adding on a little to my commute otherwise it would be a very short run! It ended up being 3.1 miles and I ran completely pain free despite carrying extra weight with my bag on my back!


I got up at 7am to squeeze in a 3 mile run before I went to get my hair cut! It went well and I even had time to ice my shins quickly before grabbing a shower and leaving the flat! I’m really trying hard with recovering properly and stretching, etc after runs even when I’m short of time. At the hairdressers I got around 10 inches chopped off my hair and will be donating it to The Little Princess Trust, who make wigs for kids and young adults who have suffered hair loss due to cancer or other illnesses. It felt really strange at first but I’m getting used to my short hair and my head feels so much lighter! It might even make me faster…  Brandon and I then went out for drinks with family and met some friends after. Too many cocktails were consumed.


I woke up feeling pretty hungover but after a cup of tea, a bagel and a nap I started to feel a bit better. Admittedly, we spent most of the day on the sofa until it was time to head out for our meal. Brandon had organised a 5 course tasting menu at a local seafood restaurant, The Kilted Lobster as part of my Christmas. I had been looking forward to it for ages and I always love date night!! We don’t go out for dinner often as we try to cook healthier meals at home the majority of the time but it’s such a treat when we do. The food was gorgeous and the paired drinks matched perfectly with each dish! I even found myself enjoying white wine for the first time in ages. As we were both working the next day it was home to bed for an early night afterwards!

I’ve clocked up around 12 miles in total for this week which I’m aware is not a lot when I’m running a half marathon in 6 weeks time but I’m conscious of re-building my mileage slowly as I don’t want to end up injured again! Fingers crossed it all goes to plan.

L x

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