Half Marathon Training – Week 7


I went to pilates as normal and really felt the burn on my core. I’m hoping that all this work on my core will improve my running form and in turn prevent injuries in the future. That’s what all my research tells me anyway but only time will really tell.


We didn’t celebrate Pancake Day like the rest of the world. Other than Brandons jokes about my lack of *ahem* chest, I tried to block out the fact that it even was Pancake Day as I’m trying really hard to improve my diet at the moment and could not cope with all the Nutella pictures on social media. I did however manage my first run and it was pretty much pain free! 2.35 miles. It wasn’t very far but it’s a start.


Again, we’re not overly big on Valentines Day. You must all think I’m miserable and don’t celebrate anything – it’s not the case, I promise! We just stayed in and actually ate dinner at the table, which is a rare occurrence for us on a daily basis. Brandon cooked us steak (to perfection) and then we accidently drank 2 bottles of red wine and consumed an entire box of chocolates. Lily O’Brien, it’s all your fault… But they were delicious and we halved every single one. How cute!


I had intended to go to yoga after work but if I’m being honest I was too hungover. I then said to myself I’d go for a run but I ate crisps and cookies instead. I’ve been a bit of a disaster and not running has knocked me off track with my diet quite a bit. I felt really guilty so I… kept eating more of course!!! Not a good day.


I’ve managed to get up in time to make myself scrambled eggs in the morning for the last couple of days and it’s a nice little treat during the week. I ran 2.7 with one of the guys from the office. It was a nice easy run and we ran his route so it was nice to do something different from my usual routes! I’m just glad I’m getting back into it, slowly but surely.


A day spent doing nothing is sometimes required. Brandon and I ended up watching a lot of How To Get Away With Murder, I ran 3 miles and we got our food shop done. It was a nicely productive day despite not doing much!


I ran 3 miles in the morning then we went through to Glasgow. The initial purpose of the trip was for a show at the Pavilion; a talk with Ant Middleton from SAS: Who Dares Wins but we had a very busy day too! We went to my Mum’s for coffee and pancakes – delicious! Then we headed into the West End as I wanted to try Paesano Pizza. OH. MY. LORD. It did not disappoint. It was genuinely the best pizza I’ve ever tasted outside of Italy! The show afterwards was also really good. Ant (ex-special forces) was raw, genuine and his message was very inspiring. He spoke a lot about maintaining a positive mindset and it kind of spurred me on to pull myself out of my little post-injury slump.

All in all, not a bad week. I need to get myself together on the nutrition front and start fuelling my body properly for running again but I’m grateful to be back logging some miles, even if it’s not a lot.

L x

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