Half Marathon Training – Week 6

Please accept my apologies for the lack of… anything interesting in this post. As I haven’t been running I didn’t want to do a day-by-day breakdown as I have done throughout my training cycle but I still wanted to keep you all semi-updated. It’s also made me wonder if all I talk about is running because I feel really boring without it in my life.

I went to pilates on Monday and then my warm yoga class on Wednesday and have found that I’m improving in both and increasing my flexibility week to week. I can even touch my toes when bending over and can almost put my hands on the ground now!

I have taken (grudgingly) a total rest from running and have been icing (with my frozen peas) my shins every night when I get in from work. I’m currently cursing every runner I see out of jealousy that they are fit and uninjured (not that I’d wish this on anyone)!

On Thursday, I relaxed a little and went out for dinner with a friend to a new restaurant chain that’s just opened in Edinburgh, Vapiano. It’s an Italian, where you order your food with the chefs and they swipe the card you’re given and then you pay for your meal by presenting your card on the way out. The concept originated in London and I can see how it’s cool down there where everything’s so fast paced and busy but up in wee Edinburgh, we just found ourselves in an empty restaurant and having to get up and order our food as well as collecting it when it was ready. Not so cool.

I was really hungover on Friday and ended up spending my entire weekend doing nothing and eating shit food. Less than the ideal scenario with a half marathon 8 weeks away! On the plus side, I discovered How To Get Away With Murder on Netflix and now I’m hooked on that which is absolutely fine as I love having a TV series to watch!

I did attempt to go for a run on Saturday but after about 10 metres I could feel the pain in my shins and knew it was just too soon!

Next week will be my comeback week. Fingers crossed!

L x

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