Half Marathon Training – Week 4

It’s 11 weeks to go until my first half marathon which also happens to be my next race so with no other races planned, I’ll be giving 100% commitment to my training runs. It’s tempting to sign up for other races in February and March but it means messing around with my training plan to make sure I’m hitting mileage and maximising rest on the days I need it most! I just don’t want to be doing that as the half marathon is my focus! I’ve also got a lot planned outside of running in the coming months so it would just be too much to juggle it all.


I took a rest day after I neglected it on Sunday last week. I could feel the familiar niggle of shin splints on my left leg and I didn’t want to jeopardise the rest of my runs for the week. Brandon and I got a takeaway pizza and sat and enjoyed a nice glass of red before he heads down south with work for the week!


I ran 4 miles in the morning. The pizza and wine was not the best pre-workout fuel! My run felt heavy (probably because I felt heavy) and I just could not settle into a rhythm. After work I went along to (dragged myself to) my third ever yoga session and my first for months. I really enjoyed the ‘Flow Yoga’ class and am looking forward to incorporating regular classes into my routine alongside running to increase my flexibility and stretch off these tight muscles of mine. I was a complete beginner in that class and was surrounded by other women bending and twisting themselves into unimaginable positions. It’s hard to challenge yourself when you are utterly terrible at something but as long as I stick at it, I know I’ll improve and those improvements will only benefit me. I have a long road ahead with my yoga practise – but luckily I quite like long roads!!


Anyone who says that yoga is not intense enough for them or ‘not really exercise’, etc, has clearly never done a yoga class! I woke up feeling slightly sore, most likely due to the fact I was engaging muscles I didn’t even know existed! I went to the gym after work to do my 3 mile run on the treadmill but could unfortunately only run 1.2 miles due to shin splints giving me bother. I was going to just power through and finish the run but decided it would be better in the long run (pun not intended) to give my body the rest it needs. After a good foam rolling session, I left the gym feeling pretty disappointed.


I really needed a rest day given the current situation with my shin splints. After work I had a sports massage and felt much better afterwards! I then went home and baked a banana loaf – it was my first attempt and pretty yummy too. This may well be a favourite for a quick pre or post run snack!


I had planned a 6am run but I woke up feeling absolutely awful! How can I possibly have this cold/flu bug again?! I ran on my lunch break instead as I wanted to get it out the way due to our plans in the evening. I was feeling pretty bunged up but I managed. After work Brandon and I went to his Mum’s to join family for a Burn’s Supper. My difficult run was worth it for the haggis!


After throwing up all night, my 5 mile run was put firmly on hold! I had no sleep and no energy. I knew that I wasn’t just making excuses and had to put my health first on this occasion.


It was another planned rest day so I didn’t have to feel guilty about skipping a run – thank god! I shouldn’t feel guilty anyway but after missing so many runs so early in my training programme it’s just starting to feel as though things are spiralling out of my control a little bit!

My week ended on just 9.2 miles. I am now very very worried about how this training cycle is going to go. I’m trying not to let the fear/anxiety get the better of me but it’s hard when things are just going tits up.

I hope you’ve all had a better week than I have!

L x

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