Half Marathon Training – Week 3

I’m not even going to jinx myself by writing a positive message about my training cycle here! The goal is to get through it and complete my race calendar injury free…


We all rise to the news that it is blue Monday – the most depressing day of the year… without a single piece of scientific evidence to prove it. In actual fact, it was named by Sky Travel in 2005 as part of an press release. However, being part of a generation highly influence by the media, it’s hard to wake up and be told you’re meant to be sad and then not be sad. But, I did it. I had a great day and my 3 miles on the treadmill after work went swimmingly (I ran quite fast) which I attribute to the fact that I was trying my hardest to be positive!


My first 6am rise in god knows how long! I had another pretty quick treadmill run. 4 miles before breakfast does make you feel like a bit of a hero! I then started to think that I’ve not been working hard enough during my runs in the last few months and settling into a pace when I was capable of much faster times.


I got up at 6am for the second time in a row which has been pretty unheard of all winter. I was tired out by the time I got to the gym after a long walk up a hill in the snow! My shoulders were then feeling pretty tense and tight during my 3 miles but I got it done and logged another pretty quick time! I’m feeling much better about my pace in comparison to last week when I was sick.


It was rest day and I used my free evening after work to go give my eyebrows some TLC. Is it just me who feels like a new woman after an eyebrow wax?


Scientific studies confirm that late night cereal munching leads to some pretty good times on the treadmill! Another 6am start, another walk to the gym in the snow and I bagged 4 miles in just under 31 minutes! Running is starting to feel a little bit easier again after being ill in week 1 and still recovering for most of week 2. Brandon and I went out for a burger after work and I enjoyed every bite without feeling guilty!


I was actually slightly hungover when I woke up to get ready to head to my first ever Parkrun. I had planned 3 miles. It had been pretty icy and I stupidly didn’t check to see if it would 100% still be running. I got there with a guy from work and it was cancelled… I was gutted, especially after making all that effort so early on a Saturday morning with a bit of a sore head. We ended up running/walking 6 miles home. I might try again next week!


I was meant to take a rest day but with a lot going on in my personal life, I needed to clear my head and couldn’t resist lacing up my trainers. I ran 3 miles and whilst the effort level feels the same, I’m getting faster! After Saturday’s extra miles I’d run 6 miles more than I intended to this week and ignored one of my rest days. I’m just hoping my legs don’t punish me for this. In the evening, Brandon and I took a very important trip to Tesco (which is not our local supermarket) to get our hands on some HaloTop (a healthy ice cream alternative which has just arrived in the UK). We tried the mint chip and chocolate cookie dough flavours… The verdict? It will change your life!

Have any of you gone along your local Parkrun before? Have you tried HaloTop yet?

L x

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