Friday Five – 17th November 2017

It’s Black Friday in the UK which means SALES everywhere! Are you guys taking advantage of this? I’m going to be scouring the internet today in search of the best fitness-related bargains!

Anyways… Here’s what I’m grateful for and have achieved this week;

  • My boyfriend, Brandon. He supports and encourages me in everything I do! I couldn’t ask for a better partner to have by my side. I had a nightmare the other night that he had died, which is why this one feels so prominent this week! I woke up in a panic and could not be more relieved to roll over and find him next to me!
  • Our beautiful flat. I feel very fortunate to be in a position where I own my own flat at the age of 24 and have the ability to project my visions into it! I love building a cosy home.
  • Discovering peppermint tea. This one seems a bit daft but I drink it every day and am so glad I replaced my 8 coffees a day with this caffeine-free alternative. I feel so much better for it.
  • Getting back on the treadmill. I’d developed a bit of a fear that I could no longer sustain a decent run on the treadmill after spending the majority of the year running outdoors. However, last night, when I really didn’t feel like going to the gym at all – I got it done and faced my fear!
  • Soup success. I made two different soups this week – Butternut Squash with Bacon and Minestrone. Two years ago, before I started this crazy journey I would never have been in the kitchen making soups from scratch, it was always a tin for me. I love eating my own fresh, home-cooked meals.

I’m finding doing these posts very humbling. It brings you down to earth and allows you to connect with what really brings you happiness. I am appreciating the little things a lot more!

Give it a go and let me know how you get on!

L x

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