Reflecting On My Intentions

Around 4 months ago, I asked myself what my intentions were for the remainder of 2017. Here is what I wrote;

  • To not be a stress-head. I am no longer going to allow something that doesn’t need to be a major drama, stress me out. Hello cool, calm and collected Louise! I know that this will make me generally happier.
  • Be kinder and be there for others. You never know what someone else is facing in their own life.
  • Invest more time in my personal development and putting myself on the path I want to be on. (I always prioritise my runs or classes – OOPS!) I want to make something more of all the work I have put into this blog and everything I have written about in it.
  • Enter and run a race before 2017 is over! I’m not even too fussed what distance but I just love the race day atmosphere. The feeling of togetherness reminds me of why I started running and how I fell in love with the sport.
  • Enter a 2018 Marathon and look into the possibility of coaching or a structured training plan to prevent injury and look after my back!

Do I feel like I have achieved these goals I set for myself?

The first two are a continuous work in progress and I am striving daily to be a better person; both within myself and towards others. Admittedly, my life has been a lot less eventful in the last year, which may also be down to getting older.

With regards to putting myself on the path I want to be on; I’m not quite where I want to be yet (are we ever?!) but I’ve made big steps this year in taking myself off a path I didn’t want to be on any longer. I got a new job and with that comes new challenges and an opportunity to develop my skills further.

After finding a number of races I wanted to enter in 2018, I didn’t enter any for the end of 2017. Yes, there’s still time but race entry is not cheap and with changing jobs just before Christmas, I’m trying to save money! Watch this space for next year!

As I explained in my post about my race goals for 2018, I decided not to go for a full marathon next year; but instead build up to it by attempting a couple of half marathons.

In short, I feel like I set myself realistic goals and I’ve certainly put the steps in place to achieve them. However, I have also made sensible decisions with regards to my health and finances when I felt I needed to prioritise these. It’s important for goals to be realistic, otherwise you’re setting yourself up for failure. Baby steps will ensure success and in turn generate positivity which will help you achieve more in the future.

After my holiday, where I had time to reflect and think about everything I have and have not achieved in the past year, I’m in a good place to start planning all the exciting challenges I am going to set for myself in the future. There’s some new ones on the list…

Look out for my post on my full 2018 ‘bucket list’ soon!

L x



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