Success in Fitness

One of the main things I love about getting fit and training is that you can’t buy results. Money cannot buy success in leading a fit and healthy lifestyle. The body does not lie. (Are you singing Shakira in your head right now?!) It’s one of the only things in the world that money cannot buy.

Now you may be thinking ‘but supplements are expensive?’ or ‘a gym membership costs money!’ and that is correct, however, these are only tools that may aid success, not a necessity to achieve it. For example, you cannot buy your ‘dream body’, because it does not exist in a physical form… Whilst plastic surgery and enhancements do exist, this is not the entire package. I believe that the real triumphs in fitness and the feelings of acomplishment come when your mind is also aligned with your body and goals.

For me this means; ‘I want a big bum’. Let’s say I work out for 6 months and I get a big bum (I’m not advocating a 6 month booty plan here), do I then stop and say ‘woohoo, I’ve reached my goal so I won’t go back to the gym now?’ No. With new results and progress comes an adjustment in my goals. I’m then working towards improving further and reaching new levels and hunting down new victories. However, let’s take Kim Kardashian as an example (please don’t sue me Kimmy)! She’s had implants done. Her bum is a certain size and that is that. Yes, she bought those implants with money but there was no rollercoaster ride to get there. There was no hard work, no excitement in watching her body change and no true sense of conquering something. In my opinion, that’s not success. She may have what she wants, but money can’t buy those euphoric feelings I’ve just described. Money cannot buy the mental changes that you go through as your mind develops alongside your body whilst working towards your goals. Money cannot buy the feeling after that workout you smashed out after a 10 hour working day. Money can’t buy the time you put in at 6am whilst the rest of the world sleeps. Basic science states that exercise releases endorphins. You simply can’t walk into a shop and buy those endorphins.

Perhaps an unlimited money pot can eradicate those times you look in the mirror and it’s not quite what you want to see. Plastic surgery, fad diets and a 4 week stint with a PT may get short term results but they will NOT bring about true success. Hard work, consistency, perseverance, maybe a tiny bit of sacrifice (mostly sleep) and dedication to your goals will ensure you reach them!

Do any of you agree or disagree? Let me know below!

L x


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