Fashion vs Fitness – Brands Endorsing Eating Disorders

The power of social media is an amazing thing. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc have all become powerful tools in marketing and have contributed greatly to the success of many businesses/people. However, this power and influence is also extremely dangerous and that is the issue I want to address in this post. Why? Because I became/am a victim of its domination and I pray that this stops before anyone else ends up in the same boat!

You can’t scroll through Instagram without managing to find a discount code for Pretty Little Thing, In The Style, Misguided, etc. You get my drift. The modern marketing tool for brands is to send ‘pretty’ bloggers, with an army of followers, a cute outfit and ask them to put up a post in which they are wearing the outfit. It all sounds great so far doesn’t it? Hundreds of guys and girls are going to rush to the website to buy that outfit because someone they look up to or aspire to be like (right or wrong) looks cool in it and they want to look like that too. I have no issue with any of this.

My issue is the lack of research or attention brands are paying to who they are using to promote their brands. The number of these girls that I have followed for quite some time who come out a year or so later saying they have been struggling with an eating disorder is alarming. I’ve spotted hundreds of posts where underweight girls have ribs and breast bones visible with a cute outfit hanging off their tiny frames. I’ve aspired to be like these girls, to look like them, to be as thin as them when the reality is their lives are not perfect and they are dealing with a serious mental illness. Some more care needs to be taken into ensuring that the ambassadors for these brands are not promoting an unhealthy image or lifestyle to young, easily influenced men and women.

I want to see more strong, fit and healthy men and women as ambassadors in the fashion industry on social media. I want to see a realistic, healthy, balanced lifestyle being promoted. A lifestyle that an Instagram user might look at and want to make changes to their own, for the better, not one that is detrimental to their health.

Is this something any of you feel strongly about? If so, let me know in the comments and hopefully we can make some of these brands listen!

Have a great weekend and I’ll update you all on what I’ve been up to soon! I just needed to get that off my chest.

L x

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