Race Plans and Goals for 2018

One of the many methods I use to ensure I am reaching my full potential and maximising my workouts is goal setting. Having a personal goal, whether it’s fitness related or in general life, allows me to remain accountable and create clear plans in order to reach those goals. I write things down, have goals and other ramblings scribbled in notebooks and keep diaries to make sure I don’t clutter my mind with my brain going 100 miles per hour.

As we are fast approaching October (and I’m obsessed with being organised) I decided that now was the perfect time to look at 2018, what I want to do/achieve and how I am going to get there.

After a tumultuous year of running – or not running for a lot of it – I decided that perhaps I’d set my sights on the big 26.2 miles far too early in my running journey. As many of you who follow me will know, I ended up injured in my 5th week of Marathon training and out for months which is NOT an experience I wish to repeat again this year.

Instead, I’ve made the decision to get a lot more race experience under my belt and focus on a strength training programme alongside my running in the hopes of preventing my injury from re-occuring. I have even considering seeking coaching, so if you know anyone, hit me up! It occurred to me that maybe I just wasn’t ready to take on a Marathon and that’s ok… so I’ve re-jigged my plans for next year and here’s how it’s looking so far;

January – Edinburgh Great Winter Run; 5k

April – Kilomathon; Half Marathon (13.1 miles)

May – EMF Half Marathon

I’m excited for the challenges that I have set myself and looking forward to where they take me in this journey! I especially love the buzz of race day! I’ve changed up my training quite drastically for the time being and come the new year I’m feeling pretty confident that I’ll be in a much better place to begin training for these events! Experience and self-belief play a huge part in running a ‘successful’ race or completing a difficult training cycle and it’s no secret that these two qualities also come hand in hand.

Does anyone have any goals or challenges planned for next year?

Look out for my next post on how I’ve mixed up my training, why I’ve done it and what I hope to get out of it!

Happy Tuesday!

L x

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