Setting Intentions

Whilst it may sound totally cliche, setting intentions is something that I have decided to work hard towards in all aspects of my life, but in particular, my fitness journey.

By setting intentions, I don’t mean ‘I must not eat more than 1000 calories today’ or any other form of psychological torture as the old Louise would have done. I’m talking about waking up with a clear mindset and a conscious decision of how to approach a day, week, workout or a particular situation. It seems a bit daft to say to yourself, ‘my intention today is to be happy’, but if you apply this mindset, you most likely will be happy for that day. I decided to give this a go as I’ve found myself getting swept along and caught up in the emotions of particular stressful moments as of late and some that don’t even warrant the stress. I hope that by giving myself a ‘mind goal’, it will be easier to control this and I will be more likely to deal with things in the right way. I also strongly believe that in banishing or limiting negative thoughts and emotions, you set yourself up for a more positive day and in turn a life of happiness and contentment. In a world where mental health issues are becoming increasingly prominent, we should be working just as hard on our mental well-being as we do on our physical health. I spend hours in the gym or out running, so why not give even just 5 minutes to be a little more mindful of my thoughts and emotions?

So what are my intentions for the remainder of this year?

  • To not be a stress-head. I am no longer going to allow something that doesn’t need to be a major drama, stress me out. Hello cool, calm and collected Louise! I know that this will make me generally happier.
  • Be kinder and be there for others. You never know what someone else is facing in their own life.
  • Invest more time in my personal development and putting myself on the path I want to be on. (I always prioritise my runs or classes – OOPS!) I want to make something more of all the work I have put into this blog and everything I have written about in it.
  • Enter and run a race before 2017 is over! I’m not even too fussed what distance but I just love the race day atmosphere. The feeling of togetherness reminds me of why I started running and how I fell in love with the sport.
  • Enter a 2018 Marathon and look into the possibility of coaching or a structured training plan to prevent injury and look after my back!

Do you set yourself intentions, whether it be daily or working towards a long-term goal?

L x

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