Days Sixteen To Twenty-Two

So as promised, here I am checking in on my week and it’s been a relatively good one!

We had a really nice chilled out day in the flat on Sunday, spent pretty much using up what was left in the fridge and planning the shopping list for the following week! We also managed to get our spring cleaning done as my friend Nicole was coming over on Monday to have a look at our second bedroom. She is going to be moving in with us pretty soon which is exciting.

Nicole came round with my other friend, Charel on Monday and we managed to book our upcoming trip to Barcelona. We found a really good deal on flights and a cool city-centre apartment on Airbnb. We’re going at the end of July so the weather will be amazing – hopefully. Holidays no longer mean crash-dieting for me. I’m always ‘bikini-ready’ because I’m generally happy with myself. I look after my body all year round, meaning I don’t have to squeeze in 8 weeks of restricting and over exercising to get in shape for going on holiday.

I had a doctors appointment on Tuesday as I’ve been feeling so dizzy recently. All I discovered is that I have low blood pressure, which the doctor stipulated was pretty normal in someone my age who is fit and healthy.

After work on Wednesday, Brandon and I walked to his gym to go for a swim. The days are getting longer and it was gorgeous walking along at night and it still being light outside. As much as I find the swimming part quite boring, I’m really starting to enjoy going in the sauna and steam room afterwards. My skin is loving the new routine too! I then swam again in my own gym on Thursday, followed by more sauna/steam action.

I’m not sure what had gotten into us on Friday night but we fell asleep on the sofa after dinner at 8.30pm and woke up well after Midnight. It meant that when we went to bed, we both couldn’t get to sleep. It was a long night of tossing and turning until we eventually drifted off.

On Saturday night we went round to Brandon’s parents for a big family get together. His cousin revealed the sex of her baby and we ordered in a curry. Before everyone arrived we had some drinks in the garden as the sun was splitting the sky! I didn’t feel one bit guilty about my curry as I knew I’d eaten well during the week in anticipation of it.

I’m ready to smash my goals for another week! Are you?

L x

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