Days Nine To Fifteen

I have a lot more things going on in my life this time round doing 100 days – so I’ve made the decision to post on a weekly basis rather than daily. I promise I won’t be skipping any posts this way!

Do you guys ever have those weeks where you feel like you can’t breathe and then the weekend comes and it feels like you just let all your breath go at once? Yeah, I’ve just had one of those.

It started off lovely last Sunday celebrating Mother’s Day through in Glasgow (with more Thai food)! We met up with my Mum (obviously), my brother and his girlfriend, Louise. It was such a nice day being surrounded by family and eating great food. When I say great, I mean it tasted great but it wasn’t exactly in keeping with my 100 days plan. However one of the things I have always been an advocate for is balance. A healthy relationship with food means you can still have a good social life without any major restrictions. Yes, I prefer to say no to the goodies that get passed round the office because eating them is not in keeping with my goals… but that doesn’t mean I have to miss out on meals out with my family or friends. Day to day, I eat generally really well and I’d normally be going to the gym around 5/6 days a week which means I can afford to have meals out etc and it not affect me.

After a lovely weekend, it was back to work on Monday. I had a pretty busy and productive week in work. I always love it when I’ve left the office on a Friday having cleaned my desk, cleared out my trays and gotten everything done! It sets me up for a stress-free weekend!

With regards to my back, I’ve been in quite a bit of pain throughout the course of the week. I had my hips adjusted on Tuesday but then on Thursday, my chiropractor discovered that my one of my hips is loose, which is actually linked to my neck and jaw. If any of you study the human body – you may understand that a little better than I did when he first explained it. Anyways, I had my neck adjusted and that’s also been really sore. Brandon has been an angel doing everything for me so I feel a little bit guilty.

I’ve only managed 1 swim this week, partly down to pain levels but I also just feel like I’ve lost my way a bit. I’m a lot less motivated to work out because I find the swimming relatively boring. Everything I said about ‘you have to love it’ with regards to creating a healthy lifestyle was true. If you don’t love it or at least enjoy it, it won’t be sustainable.

I started my Saturday off in style with a GlamGlow face-mask on the sofa whilst I had a coffee and watched Britain’s Next Top Model. After a really relaxing morning, I got up off my backside and we cleaned the flat. I’ve organised our bookshelf and it now just fills me with so much happiness when I look at it. Yes, I need to get a life but there’s no better feeling than a clean and tidy house! It truly does clear the mind.

Have a great weekend everyone!

L x

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