Day Seven – Thai Treats

I wasn’t feeling well at all throughout the day at work. I was suffering from really bad headaches which I guessed may have been from all the sugar I consumed last night. 

After work I went out for Thai food with my friends! We went to our favourite Thai place in Edinburgh, Dusit. We shared all the food we ordered which is my favourite way to eat with friends because you get to try loads of different dishes! We had a scallop and king prawn dish to start and it’s literally to die for! There was also lots of red wine consumed and it was really nice to let my hair down and enjoy myself.


  • Banana Pancakes w/ Raspberry Jam
  • Black Grapes 
  • 3 Cheddar and Black Pepper Cracker Thins 
  • Leftover Chicken w/ Long Grain Rice
  • Chicken Stir-Fry w/ Pad Mee and Sirloin Steak Red Curry w/ Thai Sticky Rice

I’m off to bed feeling a little tipsy! Night. 

L x

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