Day Four – Laugh At Yourself

I worked a half day today as Brandon and I were going through to Glasgow to see Russell Howard in the evening. On a normal working day, I don’t get my lunch until 2pm but as I was finishing at 12.30 I knew I’d be able to eat lunch earlier, so I didn’t need to bring as many snacks to work.

My intake was:

  • Smoothie w/ Blackberries, Blueberries, Strawberries, Raspberries, 1 Banana, Coconut Water and Fat-Free Natural Yoghurt
  • Kallo Mini Rice Cakes w/ Milk Chocolate
  • 3 Small Slices Warburton’s Seeded Bread w/ Beans and 1 Turkey Sausage
  • Lightly Dusted Cod Fillet w/ Salad

Russell Howard was brilliant for two very different reasons; he was hilarious obviously… but he also has a great outlook on life and delivers a really positive message in his shows. He preaches that the world is bleak without a little bit of silliness and that as humans, we should be able to laugh at ourselves. This resonates with me a lot – particularly in the generation in which I have grown up where people take themselves so seriously and are afraid to be silly in case others laugh AT them.

It is only when I started to place less emphasis on what others thought about me that I was able to start loving myself and embracing myself – both my physical appearance and my personality. Give up trying for others and make sure that everything you do is for yourself and I can guarantee you’ll be in a much better place!

L x



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