Wake Up and Work Out

Are you someone who struggles to get out of bed in the morning? I used to be that person too… I’d go to bed with the best intentions to get up at 6am and snooze my alarm every time. It’s important to understand that those who get up and work out in the morning are not super human. There is no magic trick and it has nothing to do with genetics. They simply put a routine in place that allows them to get enough sleep in order to get up early and make the most of their morning. I converted to working out in the mornings and in turn, maximised my week. I found that I was working out more consistently, had more time to myself in the evenings and I never had to skip a workout for a social occasion.

If you want to get up and work out before work, I’ve learned a few tricks over time that make it so much easier.

  • Prep your meals the night before and that way you can just grab your lunch and snacks on the way out the door. This is also a brilliant money saver and it keeps you on track with your diet.
  • Pack your bag and lay out your gym clothes so that you can hop out of bed and straight into your leggings. It saves time so you can get an extra 10 minutes in bed.
  • Get an early night. This is probably the most important. Read a book to tire your mind naturally and you’ll be giving yourself a much better chance at a good nights sleep.
  • Have a coffee to get you going before the gym. Many people spend a fortune on expensive pre-workout supplements but caffeine is a natural pre-workout and works just as well. Save your cash and get the most out of your workout – particularly if it’s fasted as mine normally are.

Unfortunately, due to a change in my working hours I had to switch back to evening workouts (with the occasional morning one squeezed in). I much preferred working out in the mornings as it would give me energy and focus for the day. I also find I’m hungry and tired by the time 5 o’clock comes round and sometimes going home instead of working out is a far more appealing option.

My workout routine has all changed AGAIN due to my back injury. I’ve been going swimming in the evening after work but only when I’ve felt capable. If I’m in pain or feeling run-down etc, I’ve had to tell myself to skip the workout as I’m still in the early stages of my recovery plan and am to use swimming to supplement this and build strength in my core and back rather than over-doing it. I find skipping workouts pretty difficult mentally but I’m getting used to and adapting to what needs to be done to help me and fix my back.

When do you guys prefer to work out and why? Let me know!

L x


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