Day One – Start on a Saturday

I had promised myself that I would begin another cycle of 100 days when I found out about my injury. I needed something new to focus on and something that would also keep me on track. After all, I’ve put in a lot of hard work over the last couple of years and I don’t want to throw it all away just because I’m upset.

However, it took me a little longer than I thought to settle into my new routine as it genuinely feels like there is a massive hole in my life, which is slightly dramatic but I haven’t known what to do with all the free time I now have. Where I was previously running for an hour or so, I am now swimming for 25 minutes and that’s if I can even manage it. Anyways, there was a bit of a void to fill and that’s where I find myself back at the start of another 100 days.

I was working today (hopefully my last Saturday shift) so my intake was relatively normal;

  • Smoothie w/ Low-Fat Natural Yoghurt, 1 Banana, Blackberries, Blueberries and Strawberries
  • Danone Light and Free Raspberry Yoghurt
  • Kallo Mini Rice Cakes w/ Milk Chocolate
  • Handful of Black Grapes
  • Chicken Noodle Soup
  • Thai Red Chicken Curry w/ Rice 

The mini rice cakes are my little diet hack for getting a tiny bit of chocolate to satisfy cravings and come in at just 108 calories per packet!

Whilst I don’t necessarily advocate strict calorie counting as that’s what I’ve worked so hard to move away from, I do think it’s a good idea to be mindful of the calorific content of your diet. I am looking at this a little more in detail than usual now as the amount of cardio I’m doing and my general activity levels have decreased dramatically due to my injury. To put it simply, I’m moving less so my body requires less fuel to function. I am being careful not to continue eating as I was before when I was burning a lot more, as this would ultimately lead to weight gain.

We’re off to Brandon’s parents for dinner this evening and his Mum is making us a healthy curry! She’s always really accommodating to our lifestyle which is great when we go round. After that we’re going round to our friends’ house for some drinks so it’s a busy night for us. Do any of you have any exciting plans?

I hope you all have a good weekend!

L x

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