Marathon Update

After taking a couple of days to process things following my chiropractic follow-up, I’ve finally gotten round to writing it down and sharing my news with you all.
I went in on Monday feeling worried and anxious, but hopeful that it wasn’t going to be anything too serious. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case and my diagnosis is going to have a little more impact on my life going forward than I’d hoped. I have a slipped disc in the bottom of my spine that has then lead to a trapped nerve – which is quite literally a ‘pain in the butt’! There is also phase 1 degeneration in the base of my spine. This means the bone is being worn away. As much as all of this terrified me, I was relieved to get some answers and it certainly explains why I’ve been in so much pain for the last few weeks.

I’ve already begun my treatment plan consisting of chiropractic adjustments (getting my back cracked by a guy who knows what he’s doing) twice a week for 4 weeks and then once a week for a further 4 weeks, so this will last 8 weeks in total. In this time I am not allowed to do any exercise other than gentle walking and swimming. I am to ice my back and hip for 15 minutes 3 times a day and complete 3 simple stretches.

 I was completely devastated as this means that I am going to have to withdraw from the Edinburgh Marathon in May. I was due to begin week 5 of my training and with 8 weeks out, it would only leave me around 3 or 4 weeks to train. I know myself that it is simply not possible to train for such an event in such a short space of time, but also that I need to put my body and my recovery first right now. It’s not sensible to put my body through that straight off the back (excuse the pun) of an injury. If I were to ignore the professionals orders and run anyway (not that I’m even physically able to run at the moment) I’d only be damaging my back further.

 It’s been an emotional few days but Brandon has been great in helping me deal with everything. From getting me cups of peppermint tea when I’m too sore to get up or have my ice packs on to just listening when I’m ranting or getting upset about not being able to run. I never thought I’d be the kind of person who’d be upset when told they were not allowed to exercise for 8 weeks but a lot has changed in the last couple of years. Working out and running has become a massive part of my life and I’m going to have to make some small changes to make this work. I may not be able to run the marathon but I’m not going to give up on my lifestyle and become a couch potato just because I’m not allowed to exercise.

 In order to give myself something to focus on in this time, I’m going to start another cycle of 100 days where I’ll incorporate clean eating alongside some swimming and walking. I may be limited to what I can do but I’m going to make the most of it.

 So that’s it for now. I’ll check in soon and let you all know how the start of my 100 days is going! 

 L x


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