Marathon Training – Week 4

Day 1 – Unplanned Rest 

I had pulled a muscle/developed a knot in my back. It got progressively worse at work as the day went on so I had to skip my session on the cross trainer. 

Day 2 – 3 miles 

I seriously struggled through this run, particularly as the majority of it was downhill. I took my backpack to work and intended to run home from work and add a little on but it turned into more of a hobble with periods of walking. My hip, knees and back were so sore and it became unbareable. Brandon and I had planned to make ‘real’ pancakes as a treat for Pancake Day but they weren’t as guilt free as I’d hoped after my workout didn’t go to plan. 

Day 3 – Unplanned Rest 

There was just no way I was going to manage 3 miles! As much as I wanted to, I was in so much pain that it was sore to walk, nevermind run.

Day 4 – Unplanned Rest

I went to the hairdressers after work and when I got to the gym all psyched for my 5 miles, I realised I had lost my purse. After hunting around, a lot of crying, cancelling all my cards and reporting it to the police I got a message on Facebook from a really nice human being who had found it! So the panic was over but by this point I just wanted my dinner and did not have a run in me! 

Day 5 – 5 miles 

After being unable to run on Wednesday and Thursday, I struggled through my 5 miles on the treadmill before work. I had scheduled an appointment with the chiropractor and that was looming on my mind but I was also anxious to find out what has been going on with my back and hips recently. I knew from the pain I was in that it wasn’t going to be good! The chiropractor did various tests and I ended up getting 2 x-rays taken of my hips and spine. He deduced that my range of movement was not great and there was definitely something stuck but I have to wait til Monday to find out what was going on… In the meantime, I was ordered not to run for now! I didn’t mention at that point that I’d just run that morning, but promised him I would listen. 

Day 6 – Rest 

Saturday is usually my rest day anyway so I wasn’t yet feeling the mental effects of the whole “no running” prescription. I spent a lovely day in Glasgow with Brandon and my family eating pizza and pasta at our local Italian restaurant.

Day 7 – Rest 

I had 7 miles planned for today but I had to follow doctors orders, even if it broke me a little bit. Despite not being allowed to run, Brandon and I had a really good day. We were super productive and spent the whole day clearing out our flat and going through our things to see what could be thrown out or taken to the charity shop. It had to be done as we have a busy weekend next weekend in Newcastle. It helped a lot anyways as I always find that clearing out is a good step towards a clearer mind. 

Total: 8 miles 

A disappointing week for me in my training but I guess my health is more important. Now it’s just a waiting game to find out what’s going on on Monday! Cross your fingers for me.

L x

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