January Gym Go-ers 

Just before Christmas, I was in a spin class at my gym – it was the 7am class with all the hardcore gym junkies I see day in, day out! I told Brandon this story and he said, “you’re one of them” and I guess he’s right. I have, over the past year, fully committed myself to and managed to sustain a healthy lifestyle… 

Anyways, back to my story… at the end of the class the instructor made a joke that we’d have to be fast booking our classes in January as the gym always, as we all know, gets a lot busier with new members. She then said, “It’s fine, I’ll give them until the middle of February at the most.” Everyone laughed. Except me.

I left that class without the usual elation of finishing a tough workout at that time in the morning. Instead I felt angry and disappointed in my instructor. She is the woman who is supposed to motivate me and everyone else in the class. Someone who walks through that door for the first time – she is the woman who is supposed to make them come back time and time again… but instead she exercised her snobbery amongst the supposed elite gym go-ers. 

I wanted to say – “hey, I started this thing last January and I’m still here” but I didn’t! Instead I kept my mouth shut and made a silent promise to myself that if I saw anyone looking a little lost, scared or unsure – I would smile or maybe even offer a helping hand. If everyone did the same, maybe more of the January “gym bunnies” would still be there by March. 

It’s important to remember that whilst we’re all in it for different reasons, we’re all in it together!

Can you all tell I’m on the positivity hype? I’m actually really sick at the moment, so I’m making up for my lack of training with positive thinking! Anyone got anything to share on the PMA front?

Happy New Year Guys!! 

L x 

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