Day Ninety One – The Wrong Kind of Sunday Session

So I went out for lunch today with Brandon to celebrate our offer being accepted on the flat and things quickly escalated. We ended up at a day party and I had far too much to drink.

Our lunch destination was lovely. We dined at newly opened The Printing Press, in the centre of Edinburgh. It was grand and the interior was a stunning setting for our little romantic meal. We both had Sirloin Steaks (with chips, sorry!) and shared a bottle of red wine. The food menu was amazing and the dessert menu was completely irresistible. I had a Dark Chocolate Tart (it’s healthy because it was dark chocolate, right?) and Brandon had Apple Pie that looked equally as delicious as mine.

After the day party and a few more drinks down, I knew I had to go home as I had to get up for work. Unfortunately by this point (around 9pm) I was hungry again and we opted for pizza. I hate making bad drunk decisions but it was really good pizza!

My intake for the day was:

  • 2 Slices White Toast w/ Jam
  • Sirloin Steak w/ Chips
  • Diavola (Spicy Sausage) Pizza

Let’s hope I make it to the gym hangover-free tomorrow morning! Wish me luck.

L x


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