Day Eighty Six – Last Minute Changes

I could not run this morning (my knee and hip are niggling me) so I switched my cardio up, working out on the cross trainer instead! I underestimated this – it’s not as easy as it looks and I was only using effort level 5! It’s something I’m going to look at incorporating more regularly to give my knees a break from pounding on the treadmill. I then worked out my core afterwards – the 6 pack mission is progressing nicely so I’m very pleased. Now it’s time to lean out and get my abs coming through with some good definition.

My intake for the day was:

  • Nutrigrain Raisin Bar
  • Graze Herby Bread Basket
  • Spiced Sunflower Seeds
  • Apple
  • Chicken w/ Couscous
  • Baked Potato w/ Low Fat Cheddar Cheese
  • 2 Small Slices Seeded Toast w/ Jam

I had intended on going to my Body Pump class after work, but something unexpected came up. We found a flat, that we’d previously missed whilst trolling through the pages online, and it was perfect for us. It was the exact location we had been looking for; even in the street we wanted to live in! But there was one downside.. The closing date was tomorrow which didn’t leave us much time to go see it. Brandon was calling and emailing all day and eventually managed to get us a viewing in the evening. It all turned out to be worth it. We loved the flat and I was definitely less mad about missing my class for this. It really is the one for us. I can picture my life there! Now it’s just a case of crunching numbers to put in an offer for the close.

It’s so stressful knowing that once you submit an offer it’s entirely out of your hands. I’m not going to be able to sleep so I’m off to watch Made In Chelsea to unwind.

L x

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