Day Eighty Four – Sunday Lunch

What a truly lovely day I’ve had. I woke up pretty much hangover free which was a good start to the day. I had a lazy morning in bed with Brandon, having breakfast and catching up on some of our TV programmes. After a bit of tidying, we got ready for our lunch reservation and headed out to squeeze in some flat viewing beforehand. We saw 3 flats in total, one of which caught our attention in particular. It was bright and spacious with a great big kitchen. Brandon and I spend quite a bit of time cooking together and I could really see us in this flat together. We’ll have to just see what happens. Our property hunt has not been too successful so far.

My intake for today contains some treats:

  • 2 Small Slices Seeded Toast w/ Raspberry Jam
  • New York Onion and Chive Bagel
  • Haggis, Turnips and Potatoes (a small starter portion)
  • Ribeye Steak w/ Chips and Peppercorn Sauce
  • Chocolate Fudge Cake w/ Cherry Meringue Ice-Cream (this was unreal!)


We dined in Monteiths, one of our favourite Scottish restaurants in Edinburgh. As we sat down at around 3.30/4pm, it was a sort of late lunch/early dinner. I was so full afterwards that I went home and slept the evening away. This was a bad idea; I’ll never sleep tonight!

I’m off to get myself ready for the struggle that is Monday mornings.

L x

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