Day Eighty – DOMS

I literally could not move when I woke up this morning after last night’s Body Pump class. I had every intentions of going to the gym but it just wasn’t going to happen so I slept in until 7am instead. I was so out of sync having broken my morning routine and I just wasn’t ready for the day so I won’t be doing that again in a hurry. I hate rest days. FACT. If I could work out 7 days a week without my body shutting down, I would.

My intake for today was pretty similar to days I do work out as I now have a much larger appetite. I need a lot more food to satiate me, particularly in the mornings; so I used today to refuel and recharge my batteries:

  • Apple
  • Muller Light Yoghurt
  • Nutrigrain Granola Bar
  • Nutrigrain Raisin Bar
  • Salad w/ Chicken
  • Salmon w/ Couscous and Broccoli

Despite my morning getting off to an unfamiliar and unproductive start I had a great day. Work was fun, the sun was shining in Edinburgh and after my shift I went for a well overdue sunbed. There’s nothing better than a tan to boost your mood and confidence a little. I am also starting to see my abs coming in which I’m totally elated about. My hard work is paying off. Now I need to start a mini-cut to increase the definition even further!


We’re over the hump that is Wednesday.. Here’s hoping the next two days fly by. I’m looking forward to my weekend off.

L x

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