Day Seventy Four – Breakfast For Dinner

How many of you used to do this as a kid; get excited when your Mum let you have cereal for dinner?! Of course back then I’d have Frosties or CocoPops or one of the other delicious sugar-coated Kellogg’s creations; now it’s Bran Flakes. I always remember my Mum eating Bran Flakes when she was dieting and in comparison to the aforementioned cereals, they certainly have no appeal but then I tried them and realised they are actually quite tasty and a great source of fibre.

I’ve had a lovely, relaxing day off work. I had my coffee in bed this morning whilst watching Made In Chelsea. I’ve never actually had my coffee in bed before, even on days off, but it was a nice change from coffee in a travel mug on the way to the gym at 6am! As much as not working out is killing me, I really thought it best to keep off my feet as much as possible today and try to rest my knee. That has worked and it is feeling a lot better than yesterday or at least I’m not limping anymore!

Brandon was working from home in the afternoon so we had lunch together which was nice and then I binge-watched trash TV. I’ve gotten myself hooked on TOWIE – a fact I’m not proud of.

My intake for today’s rest day was:

  • Wholemeal Pasta w/ Chorizo
  • Graze Pizza Sticks Snack Box
  • Packet of Thai Sweet Chilli Velvet Crunch (Tapioca and Corn Chips)
  • Bowl of Bran Flakes

Going forward, I’m going to be lowering my carbs on rest days when I’m not doing much. It’s nice to have something filling to eat on a day off and it keeps me satiated so I’m not snacking whilst at home but I don’t need the energy to lie in bed all day.

After putting a facemask on, I’m going to finish watching Spectre and head for bed. My gym bag is packed and I’ll hopefully manage at least a weights session tomorrow morning.

L x

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