Day Sixty Three – A New Life

I bought myself two new pairs of running tights today in the Nike outlet store, which ended up costing me a bit of money when I’m meant to be saving for a flat but I justified it because I knew I’d wear them multiple times a week. That purchase got me thinking about how I have given myself an entirely new lifestyle. I’m a completely different person since starting this journey. I am fit and healthy but also much happier. I remember years of insecurities, of being the ‘fat friend’, of feeling unfit and being out of breath in P.E at school.  All of that has changed because I have made changes. I’d previously followed every fad diet going, or I’d just eat nothing or everything and I’d wonder why I wasn’t skinny yet. I’d look at other girls with the bodies I desired and I had no idea the work and dedication they were most likely putting in to achieve this. Now.. I’m  that girl! I’m putting in hours in the gym every week and eating well, whilst my friends binge as well as binge drink. They all ask me how I’m so skinny every time I see them, like there’s some sort of secret to it! I’ve learned the hard way that there is no secrets and no shortcuts; just blood, sweat and tears. You’ll watch other people eat pizza and want to just demolish the whole thing.. but you don’t, because you want this more and that’s where I’m at just now. I look in the mirror and I don’t hate what I see, I walk around in my pants on a Sunday and I rarely ever have ‘fat days’ anymore. Every female loves to pick themselves apart, but I’d like to think I have achieved what I once thought was impossible; body confidence!

My intake for this lovely Sunday was:

  • Bran Flakes
  • Sweet Potato Fries
  • Chicken w/ Sweet Potato

Brandon and I were out flat hunting today with not much success so we ended up going to the restaurant/bar I used to work in for a coffee and a bite to eat. I opted for some sweet potato fries – I tried to be healthy! Then it was off to Nike and my new leggings have got me in the mood for tomorrow’s workout. I’m excited for Monday!

L x

One thought on “Day Sixty Three – A New Life

  1. A new outfit can really provide such a great motivational boost. I hit the outlet yesterday myself and ended up with more more than I was anticipating but now I can’t wait to utilize some of my new gear tonight! Hope you enjoy your workout even more now!


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