Day Sixty One – Thank God It’s Friday

Another day, another dollar as they say. I’m still not feeling well at all – which is annoying as Brandon’s home for the weekend and it’s not looking like we’ll be able to do much. I went to the gym again; but after being sore from yesterday’s session and not feeling 100%, it probably wasn’t the best workout I’ve ever had. At the end of the day, a workout is a workout and I’m starting to see massive improvements in my strength training; so I may start to cut down my running to help my shin splints and try to train solely weights a couple of times a week. I’m also enjoying the small changes I can see in the shape of my body from using weights. I feel a great sense of pride that I pushed myself a little this week to carry on, and didn’t use my cold as an excuse for an extra hour in bed. I can now relax for the weekend guilt-free and try to enjoy myself. (if I hadn’t eaten Emma’s brownies in work).

My intake for the day was:

  • Apple
  • Soreen Lunchbox Loaf
  • Nutrigrain Raisin Bar
  • Salad w/ Chicken
  • Tagliatelle w/ Chilli, Garlic and Ginger (cooked in a little olive oil)
  • Chocolate Brownie Slice

I needed the carbs from dinner to give me some energy to stay awake for at least a little while when I got home from work. I’ve eaten pasta for the last two nights now but it could be a lot worse, given how awful I’m feeling and the cravings I’ve got! We had a lazy night in bed catching up on Grey’s Anatomy and Limitless. I’ve been desperate to watch these all week but had to wait for Brandon as we watch them together. There may have been a small amount of crisps and chocolate involved so I’m going to keep it clean for the rest of the weekend.

Have a good one!

L x

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