Day Fifty Seven – When Life Gets In The Way

I have had the busiest few days moving out of my flat and have barely had a minute to sit down and think, nevermind blog about it. I feel like I’m letting others and myself down by not posting every day but then I have to remember that sometimes you are just too busy, and this is not my career but I’m doing it because I enjoy it.

We are now finally all moved out and handed the keys back to the letting agents today which was quite emotional. It was our first home together which will always mean a lot, but we are moving on with a positive attitude, to better things.


I haven’t worked out since Friday morning; 3 days rest is giving me anxiety. Lifting heavy boxes all day was a slight consolation but I’ll certainly be back to it tomorrow morning.

Until I work out my new routine living at Brandon’s Mum’s house, I’ll be up super early (pre 6am) so I’m off to get some much needed rest!


L x

3 thoughts on “Day Fifty Seven – When Life Gets In The Way

  1. Hey, your blog seems really cool. Good read! I’m Kyle, I’m looking to give up alcohol for 3 months as a social experiment, and also to get in good shape! You can check out and follow my progress if you wish. Enjoy your day, will look out for your posts !


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