Day Fifty Three – Migraine Hell

I took a rest day today as I had a day off work and woke up feeling pretty awful with a pounding headache. I wasn’t too bothered as it was just an opportunity for me to give my leg a rest. I spent the day drifting in and out of sleep but woke up feeling a lot better. I wanted to get up and run, go for a sunbed and get a food shop in, but sometimes you just have to listen to your body or you end up burning yourself out. I’ve learned that lesson the hard way.

My intake for the day was:

  • A Bowl of Cornflakes
  • 2 Wholemeal Warburtons Thins w/ Ham
  • Tesco Salted Popcorn Snackpack
  • Chicken w/ Rice and Asparagus

Today felt like a Sunday and was a much needed chance to chill out before a hectic weekend moving out of our flat.

I’m sure tomorrow will be a more interesting day.

L x

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