Day Forty Seven and Forty Eight – An awful weekend summed up

I couldn’t bring myself to post on Friday. I feel like I’ve let myself down a lot this week and have really fallen off track. I was in a slump after my binge on Thursday, which led to me eating even more and I’m actually too embarrassed to disclose what I actually ate (there was another takeaway involved).

Today was better. I had a really productive day off, packing up my life to move out of our flat in less than 2 weeks! I had a massive clear out which was really therapeutic and has definately helped to clear my head. I got totally in the zone and also managed to get loads of cleaning done. I usually hate cleaning the bathrooms but today, it felt great to get everything done. I feel happier and less stressed already, and it’s starting to look like we may actually get all the packing done on time!

I didn’t work out as I was super busy and clearing out kinda takes it out of you, so my intake for the day was:

  • 2 Egg Omelette w/ Cheese and Tomato
  • Salt and Vinegar SnackaJacks
  • Garlic Chicken w/ White Rice and Asparagus
  • Chocolate Milk

After all the packing, cleaning and dinner, Brandon and I sat down to chill out and started watching our next TV series, Narcos; we’re hooked already and only 4 episodes in! It follows the story of a Colombian drug lord in the 80’s, so if you’re into that sort of thing I’d definately recommend. I’m just devastated that I can’t binge watch it tomorrow as I know I’ll have more to get on with in the flat.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend!

L x

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