Day Forty Five – Get Up And Show Up

This morning, for the first time since I began this journey, I actually turned off my 6am alarm in favour of one at 7.30am – but I got up 5 minutes after doing so as I felt so guilty about skipping the gym and could not sleep.

I have no idea how my body managed this as I could not even walk. My muscles were in absolute agony but I managed to push myself and ran 7km. It was pretty tough and not my best time but I felt great just for even going to the gym in the end.


My intake for the day was:

  • 2 Apples
  • Nutrigrain Blueberry Bar
  • 2 x Chicken, Brown Rice and Broccoli (Lunch and Dinner)
  • Easter Egg

After work I went to get my nails done which was as relaxing as ever. It makes me so much happier/makes me feel great about myself. I went for a really cool aqua colour that matches my gym leggings – what more could a girl want?

I had some more chocolate again tonight and I loved every single heavenly moment that it melted in my mouth! Cadbury’s > Life. Goodnight.

L x

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