Day Forty Four – Tuesday Tip

Exercise is all about finding something you love, otherwise it’s a chore. If you don’t have the passion and drive for what you’re doing, you won’t stick to it and it won’t work for you. I’ve found that love through running. However, I’m not saying that I absolutely LOVE logging endless hours on the treadmill but I enjoy that it gives me the strength and endurance to perform better and progress myself when I do get the chance to run outdoors. It’s great shaving minutes off my times.

I skipped my cardio at the gym this morning due to a sore knee and shin splints. I’m considering going to see a professional about this as I’m unsure if it’s something I really need to be concerned about or if I’m just overdoing it on the treadmill. Instead, I targeted my full body with a weights session and focused a lot on my legs – which are now like jelly. As my weights sessions are never as long, I had some spare time afterwards to go and enjoy some down time in Starbucks with a black coffee before work.

My intake for the day was:

  • Black Grapes
  • Apple
  • Nutrigrain Blueberry Bar
  • Ski Smooth Raspberry Yoghurt
  • 2 Wholemeal Warburtons Thins w/ Ham (not enough for lunch after the gym)
  • Chicken w/ Brown Rice and Broccoli

After dinner, Brandon and I dropped my car at a garage as it’s needing an MOT – why does everything you need to splash out money on come at once? When we got home we were relaxing on the sofa and I decided to treat myself to half of one of the easter eggs we’d been given. It’s not strictly part of my plans but I didn’t feel guilty as I know I’m working out a lot and it won’t be a regular thing!

Now it’s off to bed to get a good sleep for tomorrow’s session!

L x

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