Day Forty Two – Cleaning Up My Diet

I’ve had a truly lovely Sunday. I woke up at 8.30 and the sun was shining – so I decided an outdoor run would be perfect! I ran just over 5km along the canal behind our flat (I’m going to miss that when we move out). I managed to complete this in 26 minutes; am I able to run faster outside than on the treadmill? It would appear so. It was refreshing to have a nice view as I worked out.


Afterwards, I got showered and ready and spent the afternoon with Brandon. We went to visit his Dad who we don’t get to see very often so that was really nice. Then we went on to some flat viewings and found ‘the one’. I loved it so much and now have that sick, nervous feeling as I really want to live there!   We then went over to Brandon’s Mum’s house and his sister was there too so it’s been a beautiful day spent with family.

Productivity was high today so what better time to do the meal plan and food shop for the week? We decided to try a week of eating chicken, rice and green vegetables for lunch and dinner, prepping everything in advance. I’m hoping that the consistency and quality of the healthy meals will give me great results this week!

My intake for the day was:

  • Omelette w/ Cheese, Ham and Tomatoes (it was nice to have a good, fresh breakfast)
  • Apple
  • Chicken w/ White Rice, Aparagus and Brocolli

Here’s to a good week of clean food and great workouts!

L x


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