Day Thirty Four – Much Needed Rest

I’m not going to the gym today and it’s total bliss! As much as I hate rest days, my legs are needing a rest. I’m starting to develop what I think may be shin splints and it hurts a lot, so I’m hoping a day off running will help. I’ve swapped working out for the nail salon this Saturday! I absolutely love going to get my nails done every couple of weeks; it makes me feel human again when I’m having a long, busy week.

My intake for my day off work and the gym was:

  • Rice Crispies w/ Semi-Skimmed Milk
  • Salt and Vinegar Snackajacks
  • Chicken and Couscous
  • 2 Egg Omelette w/ Ham and Cheese

Brandon was hungover yesterday and had leftover Domino’s pizza sitting around our flat which I managed to avoid in favour of omelettes! Although I prefer to eat clean, healthy food I have had some cravings for junk food recently so this was quite an achievement. Thankfully, the pizza has now gone.

I was meant to be going out with friends for a 21st birthday but I decided to stay in as I didn’t want to go out drinking and be left feeling rubbish for days afterwards. I learned my lesson last weekend! I also didn’t want to be tired or hungover for tomorrow – as I’m off to see my Mum and take her out for lunch for Mother’s Day.

My Saturday has been relatively quiet and I’ve enjoyed snuggling up on the sofa for most of the day – boring, but I’ll thank myself tomorrow!

L x

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