Day Twenty Nine – Monday Grind

Despite feeling like I’d been ran over this morning, my 6am alarm went off and I knew I had to get up. I had to start the week on a high or I’d be miserable and unmotivated. I managed to get to the gym but found I had no energy for a run when I got there so I decided to do weights instead.

I did some squats with a 6kg medicine ball and then used the abductor/adductor machines. There is a lot of controversy surrounding the effectiveness of these but I find they work for me; I certainly feel a burn when using them! I then did some work on my core, which was already in agony from throwing up so much yesterday – embarrassing! I finished my workout off with my arms and some lat pull-downs. It was a struggle but I’m glad I at least got out of bed to go do something.

My intake for today was:

  • Black Grapes
  • Nutrigrain Granola Bar
  • Skinny Metcalfe’s Popcorn
  • Weight Watchers Chicken Noodle Soup

I have not made any home-made soup for a while so that’s on the cards for this week to detox to my body. Drinking on one night has knocked me out of sync for nearly 2 days. It’s not worth it for me when I’d rather be focusing on my fitness goals. However, I find I don’t enjoy being out when everyone else is drunk and I’m sober; drunk people are really annoying! That said, I don’t want to miss out on socialising with friends.

After work, I’m off home to enjoy a delicious, hearty but healthy slow-cooked beef dish. It’s exactly what I’m needing tonight. I’ll definitely be relaxing tonight (and having a Limitless marathon) to refuel for tomorrow.

Hope you’ve all had a great Monday.

L x

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