Day Twenty Seven and Twenty Eight – Another Crazy Weekend

Once again, I’ve had a really busy weekend. I was working on Saturday and then was out for a friend’s leaving do with all the girls from my old work.

I tend not to eat too much on days when I’m going out that night, which is probably a huge mistake but I like to avoid any bloating whilst wearing bodycon dresses. My intake was:

  • Nutrigrain Strawberry Bar
  • Vu Strawberry Chews
  • Tesco’s Hoisin Duck Sushi Taster Pack
  • Plain Ham Sandwich

I recognise that this is definitely not nearly enough food and also the reason that alcohol affects me so badly. I wasn’t going to drink and I gave in to the pressure from my friends – I’m regretting this now. I drank far too much, which made me really sick. I’ve been throwing up all day and I’m super dehydrated. It wasn’t worth it at all and I should have stuck with what I wanted to do.

My intake in curing this hangover has been:

  • Packet Walker’s Sunbites Crisps
  • Petit Filous Yoghurt
  • Pasta w/ Cheddar Cheese
  • Pasta w/ Tuna and Sweetcorn

I’ve been massively unproductive and I’m so dissapointed! Bed and the sofa have been my best friends when I should have been in the gym. I’m annoyed at myself now but tomorrow is a new day and an opportunity to have a great week!

Bring on Monday!

L x 

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