Day Twenty Six – Friday Night With Family

I knew that I would be spending my Friday evening with Brandon’s family eating a buffet style dinner of party food, so naturally I had to plan for this in my workout and nutrition throughout the day. I wouldn’t normally have a cheat meal on a weekly basis, as I don’t feel it works for me, but there has been a number of social events in my diary this February and I figured if I’m working  out 5 days a week I shouldn’t be too hard on myself. I actually have come to enjoy being slightly flexible and not beating myself up about it. I now have a much healthier relationship with food than I did 26 days ago!

I pushed myself a little harder in the gym this morning to make up for the fact I’d be indulging later on. I ran 7km continuously and managed to burn 520kcals. I’m making great progress ahead of my 10km in June and feel confident that I’ll get there!

I may have burned 520kcals but I definitely consumed a lot more than that:

  • Nutrigrain Blueberry Bar
  • Nutrigrain Granola Bar
  • Vu Blueberry Chews
  • Chicken Breast w/ Peri Peri Seasoning and Couscous

I then lost count with all the party food. I don’t love buffets for this reason; it’s easy to overeat when there’s lots of small bites sitting in front of you. I did indulge in a delicious slice of New York cheesecake with caramel and I loved every bite! It just means I’ll have to stay focused tomorrow and get back on track with my nutrition. I don’t feel any guilt about the food as I know it’s not something I choose to do on a regular basis. I’ve managed to change my lifestyle but still allow for a little treat now and again when these social circumstances arise. I know that if I’m going to have a cheat meal I just have to work a little harder in the gym that day, or eat a bit less throughout the day.

I’ve found the balance and I could not be happier.

L x

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